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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 Dec 31, 2010 9:20 AM Flag

    I am starting to think that what is happening

    with both Avnr and this stock is SO huge..that even I don't quite get it yet.

    What is making me think that is watching that PBA video for a second time this morning and REALLY hearing..and REALLY seeing what is going on.

    Listen to the kid in that video. And her husband. This whole thing has been devastating to them and their family. Imagine your then 12 year old kid not understanding why Mom is crying uncontrollably several times a day. What would you think if it was YOUR mother when YOU were a kid?
    And folks..this is several times a day...all day long..all week long..all month long..all year long.

    You and I make a trip to the grocery store. Stand in line to check out. Let me ask you..what if you then had an attack of this at that moment? For no reason at're laughing your head off..or crying your eyes out.
    What does the person in front of you think? The person behind you?
    They look around..and see nothing.
    You know what you are in their eyes?

    And you know what? The person with PBA KNOWS THAT. They know that is your reaction. It's the reaction of plenty of people on this board.
    What does that do over time to the person with PBA?
    It isolates them. It ruins their lives to a great extent.

    And all of that on top of having to deal with the stroke..MS..or ailment itself.

    You want that kind of life? Be glad you don't have it.

    What I am here on this an investor. And what I am doing is first and foremost..having compassion for what I am hearing and seeing. And secondly..I'm considering how this will relate to this company and it's stock price.

    If you have 2 million people with this..HOW MANY OF THOSE PEOPLE YOU SEE IN THE VIDEO ..will NOT...want treatment for it?

    Where they would be if they did NOT want the treatment that avanir can soon provide.

    And I don't believe that there are many who won't want it. Or who won't take it. Because you know why?
    This drug will work wonders for so many. In's even recommended as part of the instructions that doctors monitor getting people OFF this drug..because in some brings about TOTAL REMISSION.

    In other cures PBA...forever.

    Folks..fellow investors. Do you realize what we have here?


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    • 1calgal Dec 31, 2010 8:37 PM Flag

      Great find -- very touching.

    • general-max, you forget one other person on your ignore list: YOURSELF!!!

    • User pilobious was added to your ignore list.

      another useless .. destructive character.

    • User was added to your ignore list.

      nothing but personal attacks.. nothing you've adds value to the discussion pal.

    • vacationcharlie Dec 31, 2010 2:58 PM Flag

      Wow, paranoia!
      So 2 users from Montreal must be the same person? And 2 people use the term "iggy" must be the same person? I assure you I do not have any other aliases here.
      You need to chill out dude! It is not cool to start a flame war and bring someone's family and personal life into it. Get a life!
      Happy new year, good luck to all longs, etc..

    • Go read all the messages from BW ,vacation and saigonfun then come talk to me, stupid trader(stoxx1).

    • It's time to shut this joker Bwilkison down once and for all.

      Here he is in this thread posing as "vacation charlie"..responding right after one of his other aliases..saigon fun. It might have helped if they had changed their location among their aliases..with both showing montreal Quebec.
      Unfortunately..BW isn't that bright.

      And Bwilkison and Vacationcharlie one and the same?
      You be the judge. Search a few of their respective posts and
      Note the use of the word "Iggy" in both posts.
      in place of the word ignore.
      How many people here do you see using that word except him in his various forms?

      In any event BWSaigonVacationcharlie from chicagoland Quebec vietnam..

      I'm not on a personal stalking mission of you. It is you who chose to attack me first. I'm just here to finish it off now and expose you as the fraud that you are on this board.

      You've attacked me (first) and repeatedly and many others on this board as well..claiming your magnificent insight even into having their IP addresses.

      What a joker. would behove you I think to stop these silly games and get on with your business and family. Your actions here on this board are really those of a sick human being.

    • vacationcharlie Dec 31, 2010 1:15 PM Flag

      Trader, agreed this is $50+, based on current U.S. population, 39% of which is already seeking treatment for PBA, and 85% of doctors saying they would probably prescribe Nuedexta... These shorts are playing Russian roulette with this stock, as you say an announcement could come any day...

      However it is just plain creepy how you seem to be on a personal stalking mission re. BW. Please stop, it is very wired an inappropriate.

    • Read all the messages from BW and from Saigonfun and come talk to me. Like your estimations, I see you don't verify anything before but just guess!!! The first thing you will find is my English is bad compare to him because 1- English is mt 3rd languages after French(Montreal, Canada) and Vietnamese.

    • Saigon..umm..Bert I mean. You seem obsessed with making this same point in several threads. I never said Avnr was going to have 40 Million customers. I said I think it was reasonable based on the available data in the U.S. to consider how many PBA sufferers then there would be in the world. And..using population data obtained from the census website..that amount is reasonably calculated at around 40 Million PBA sufferers worldwide.
      I didn't say that people making 1.00 a month in your family in vietnam were going to be buying this drug. You have your rice to buy first. I said that my 80.00 price was based on 1/2 million people becoming avanir customers.
      And how ever you want to slice it up..I think that 1/2 million out of 2 million in the U.S., or expanding those numbers to europe or asia a very conservative number.

      And so..please..stop posting the same nonsense. If we were to have 40 million customers the stock would be at 1000's per share and not my 80.00 target.

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