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  • mytwocents234 mytwocents234 Aug 10, 2011 12:34 PM Flag

    Observation on monthly scripts

    It is obvious that AVNR does not want to release any script information for time periods after June 30.

    However if you compare the weekly script information that has been released for time periods after March, you will see that the weekly totals for each month are less than the monthly amounts indicated in the CC.

    So far, we have weekly totals for 4 weeks in July but not for the last week. If you compare the total shown for those 4 weeks you will see that the total is well above than the monthly figure released by AVNR. So, most likely when the final week amount is shown there will probably be good growth shown for July that is far in excess that what AVNR released for the month of June.

    It sure seems like AVNR does not want to show any information that might be considered as guidance, but the continued growth looks good to me. Looks to me that they do not want to become another DNDN with excessive guidance

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