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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 May 8, 2012 2:07 PM Flag

    Longs...let's be clear about one thing..

    shorts will NEVER win this one.

    They are like death row inmates with a date with the lethal injection table in a few months.

    40% quarterly growth.
    Scripts the last few weeks growing stronger than ever even.

    FDA approved drug selling MILLIONS in revenues.

    2.68 PPS.

    Pathetic. Truly pathetic. And it will NOT stand.

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    • vacationcharlie May 8, 2012 11:26 PM Flag

      The more likely scenario - as these bashers well know - is a buyout. (These cretins are probably paid indirectly by big pharma to help get AVNR on the cheap...)

    • your waiting for an inflection point, a growth story, a miracle to come out of this slow developing launch

      STOP wasting your time and stop moving back your break even date based on NEW DATA. Yes your inclined to change your mind, but any idiot can predict the something the closer and closer an event gets. Are you going to finally amend your breakeven date to 4/11/2013 on the Monday before!

      IF this company ever gets to break even, then what??? they continue to up their Research and Development costs until EPS are worthless and you baggies are left hoping on their next wonder drug. THERE IS NO BIG STORY HERE! You will be lucky if it's ever priced at 10x earnings! N is not the answer and there is no pipeline in a pill.

      There is a bajillion better plays out there longs. Have some common sense, this isn't the lottery

      Learn to value your money

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      • Trade needs off-label pain scripts to materialize.
        That would make everything all right.
        Will they come? I don't know. I think so.
        I hope so.
        There was a post about a month ago linking to someone whose insurance agreed to pay for off-label pain use and there have been a couple of physicians in Georgia and Florida using the drug for pain.
        And preliminary PRIME results are about 15 months away.
        That's what we've got so far.

      • Post of the day!
        The long time holders of AVNR and Lidak were always waiting for the next big thing and all the while the share count grows and the losses continue to climb. The only investors left are the ones that are so over ivested and are here simply to lure in other shareholders to share their pain.

        The last big thing was Nuedexta approval which shot the stock to $5.70 on potential sales alone but when reality set in that revenues of Nuedexta can't come close to covering expenses the share price has been in a steady decline. This is so obvious but pumpers here want you to think it has something to do with shorts and some conspiracy. Shorts aren't the ones who decided to invest $500 million of shareholders money into getting a drug approved and launched that does $10 million in quarterly revenues.