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  • jeanwekillstoxx jeanwekillstoxx May 8, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    Longs...let's be clear about one thing..

    Post of the day!
    The long time holders of AVNR and Lidak were always waiting for the next big thing and all the while the share count grows and the losses continue to climb. The only investors left are the ones that are so over ivested and are here simply to lure in other shareholders to share their pain.

    The last big thing was Nuedexta approval which shot the stock to $5.70 on potential sales alone but when reality set in that revenues of Nuedexta can't come close to covering expenses the share price has been in a steady decline. This is so obvious but pumpers here want you to think it has something to do with shorts and some conspiracy. Shorts aren't the ones who decided to invest $500 million of shareholders money into getting a drug approved and launched that does $10 million in quarterly revenues.

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    • Take a look at CTIC for a case study on what could possibly be going on with AVNR. AVNR has a drug but research and dilution scenarios are very much present. As soon as all the shares are issued by AVNR the next shoe can drop. I would love to see this at $6 this year but that pump dream was completely shattered today. Now will they make money for the shareholders or take money from the shareholders as they have consistently done for several years. Why is the short position going up? Pumpers tell me why?


    • Well thank you very much