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  • jeanwekillstoxx jeanwekillstoxx May 29, 2012 3:26 PM Flag

    Well Fellow Longs! Another Congrats is in order!

    From everything I can tell they need 5700 weekly scripts to breakeven so any excitement about 2000 weekly scripts is just pumping.

    $30 Million Expenses/12 Weeks = $2.5 Million in Expenses Per Week
    $2.5 Million/$435 per Script = 5747 Scripts Per Week for Breakeven.

    Now prove to me why 2060 Scripts is worth celebrating about since all that means is we are on the same pace as last quarter to lose at least $17 million dollars.

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    • Tradestoxx's 4000 per week math
      4000 X $435 = $1.7 Million in Weekly Revenues.
      Considering they had expenses of $27 million last quarter ($2.25 Million per Week) he isn't even close to being correct about what it takes to be breakeven.
      I proved it right here so unless the clueless fool has proof that he owns shares and can do math he should just keep his man pleaser shut.