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  • bwilkison Sep 12, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    $2.81 in about 7-10 business days...

    Don't think the bleeding will stop there :(



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    • bwilkison Nov 13, 2012 9:46 AM Flag


    • funandnofunandthensome funandnofunandthensome Oct 24, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

      bert de corn cob hair clown and one ug dude

    • bert de clown de loser basher de broke loser hahahaha

    • Ray's response to me this weekend:
      "If you were not biased, you'd realize that and you'd realize how foolish it makes you look to say Bert's call was "wrong". "

      Bert, when daddy Ray comes to your defense, at least have the gallantry to ackowledge it.

      Your continued foot- stamping insistence that your prediction panned out in late September is becoming hilarious in it's abjectly pathetic neediness.

      I care about your prediction only in that your denial of it's failure is so amusing.

      I do appreciate the laughs.

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      • bwilkison Oct 22, 2012 3:17 PM Flag

        What it must be like to see the world through your eyes, Wonky...where a guy who writes "it was a good call" is somehow insistently stamping his his feet...and when someone agrees with someone else..they somehow become that persons daddy...

        ...and where, when someone calls for a 17% drop in a stock's share price in 10 days and it ends up being a 13.5% drop in 20 days it is somehow a failure.

        It's really no wonder that when someone disagrees with you or proves you wrong, in your mind, they must have been paid to do so.

        Talk about abjectly pathetic.

    • Bert...what an ignoramus!
      An offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's level of intelligence or education.
      In slang:
      A person who is completely ignorant, an #$%$, a prik, idiot, etc...lmao

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I do not always agree with you wilki but this time I do. As one of the earlier investors in AVNR who could be considered the pied piper who brought them so much working capital, I have witnessed them swindle the shareholders over the years. I, myself, of course, have not interest in AVNR at this time but in the past, I could have been considered one of the largest independent retail shareholders until my small fortune became valueless after I helped in making the thieves that much wealthier. Since it was not the first time I made that mistake, you would think that they would return the favor by giving me a small piece of the pie and let me live out my remaining days on this earth in a little luxury rather than not knowing where my next paycheck is coming from as I rant about them. I guess they feel so comfortable that I will never go completely public so they just don't care. With so much time on my hands, maybe I will one of these days but I can assure you, it is the furthest thing from my mind nor one of my desires as all I want to do is retire in peace and luxury.

      Sure, I do not think this company is worth more than $2.20 per share at this time or more than a buck as long as that little weasel of a puppet is still in charge of this company. I am well aware that he is just a puppet doing "their" dirty work but he represents everything I loathe about the new world order. After he let the venture capitalists strip away the most valuable parts of the company at one time and made shareholders of EBS wealthy in a matter of months, years later AVNR shareholders have nothing to show for their loyalty and commitment . If they replace the weasel with another weasel, it probably would make little difference. However, to me, it would remove his face from the product before I even entertain the idea of ever being the pied piper to lure in more capital for them. Out of the short list of weasels, he is by far the dumbest and most unlikable. Yakatan was probably the best yet he probably did not start out as a weasel but instead got cornered into it and took the money and ran. Unlike him, I was not offered that opportunity although probably brought them wore working capital than he or any one of his successors ever did.

      Anyway, that is why I would not feel comfortable paying more than a buck on this game of smoke and mirrors. At least give the shareholders a good performance if you want to give them an illusion of success. The present lead actor can't even do that. He is a useless spoiled little weasel who needs to be given his walking papers with no compensation. If for anything, just to throw the paying shareholders a bone for their money that they paid to get swindled put of. Send the cub scout home and maybe I'll pay more than a buck just to not have to know he is still in charge.It is almost as bad as how the "powers that be" have re-written the history books about Slick Willie; instead of portraying him as the true bumbling country bumpkin he was who could not even get through his term without making a bigger buffoon of himself with the world as his audience.

      "This message has been brought to you by the "KAN KATKIN IN 2012 campaign".

      I am no_rats#$%$ and I endorse this message!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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