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  • jonasmoses11111 jonasmoses11111 Sep 29, 2012 12:05 PM Flag

    1 kg deuterated water costs $377 and patent for deuteration

    That is great since 1,000,000 mg's are in a kg. Thus, 30 mg of deut water costs about 1 penny.

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    • That's right. 30 mg of deuterated water would cost 1.13 cents, which means that 30 grams of deuterated water would cost $1.13.
      One ounce is 28.35 grams. So an ounce of deuterated water would cost $1.07
      How much does an ounce of bottled water cost? Is $1.50 for 128 ounces reasonable? That would be $0.012 per ounce for regular water.
      So deuterated water is about one hundred times more expensive than bottled water.
      Water may not be a good example because it isn't a manufactured chemical.
      Let me look up something else like maybe acetic acid and I'll get back to you.

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      • ray, for someone owning less than 10,000 Avanir shares, you sure spend a lot of effort here looking for weakness in this technology. Everything from the superiority of SSRI's to, now, the high cost of deuteration. You are who you are, but thanks for alerting us longs to the risk we are taking. How do you find the time to investigate your other investments or do you own mutual funds and let others do this kind work which you are so good at?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy