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  • rim.shot rim.shot Nov 13, 2012 1:06 PM Flag


    I bought four 5,000 share blocks at $4.83, $4.70, $4.14 and $4.08. Avg price $4.43.
    She's going to $7.
    I hope nobody listened to the carney barker...
    SOMX - $3 - $1
    BPAX - $3 - $.50
    AVNR - $5.80 - $1.77
    ETFC - $16.50 - $8
    EK - $1.80 - BK
    DANG - $8.32 - $3.85
    ALU - $2.40 - $.95
    DNDN - $10 - $3.90
    Short Gold at 1200

    I just can't remember any more the of the horrific 20 car pile-up of calls. This guy should be in jail...
    On top of that he runs drugs in his $22.5M 170' yacht, $1M luxury RV with driver and bodyguard, and stores those drugs in his multiple cabins and mansions.

    He also uses his personal jet and helicopter to smuggle drugs as well. He also makes more than 1/2 the Fortune 500 CEO's and is a better investor than Warren Buffet and owns $4 Apple shares...

    He also likes his beer cold and drinks Dos Equis.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • !@!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@

    • Congratulations!

      Another good call.

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      • I will say that it is calm, unemotional posters like you, BW, Ray, Rogue, Swalchie, Justlen, Colin, Sensi, and OFP that make this board a great place to exchange ideas.

        I appreciate your interest and questions and desire to dig in. I do like to tweak the pumpers here but you guys are golden.

        For the record I sold half my position at $4.97 in DVAX...admittedly I didn't intend to load up on 20k shares...but the drop forced me to average down. DVAX actually popped to nearly $5.10 per share after I recommended people to look into it at $4.80ish. But I held.

        It was (and is) going to be a good play.

        Next one I'm looking into closer is MAKO...preliminary...Possible a quick trade at $13.30 and look for a pop to $15's....I need to dig in more on this one. I don't like that the Affordable Care Act is going to surcharge medical device makers something like 2.3% so - just starting to research it.

        p.s. I still think AVNR is headed below $2 per share.