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  • jeandoyon14 jeandoyon14 Dec 4, 2012 5:40 AM Flag

    As Mikie and Wekill say-IT'S GOT TO BE THE TUTES


    The amount of shares shorted went from 35M to 20M.Since then that amount as not changed.The stock price has been in the $1.78 range and numerous times in the $2.00 range.There was no covering to speak of at these times.Now,unless somebody wants to gamble on a win for generics,the fact that sales have gone to over the $50M mark and now stand at an annualized $75M rate with EU approcal around the corner with a partnership coupled with the pain trial results(which are expected to be good),there is no reason for shorts not to have covered at these low pps .What I don't get is the faCT THAT PAID BASHERS HAVE BEEN ON THIS STOCK (THE SAME ONES) FOR OVER 2YEARS.Would tutes hire boiler room low lives to bash?If tutes want to increase their holdings at low prices-they have had plenty of chances to accumulate as much as they want.The only reasons to keep pps down is to buy low or/and be in an agreement with a big pharma.Could it be big pharma hiring paid boiler room low lives?It would be nice if someone could find out who is shorting.
    Maybe one Famous CEO of 4 companies can undertake this task and work on it 24/7 while getting concierge service.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • vacationcharlie Dec 4, 2012 8:07 AM Flag

      Agreed 100% Jean.
      Bert has 51-100 employees, surely he could put one or two on this case. After all, the CEO himself devotes several hours a day to the AVNR file!

    • Just a quick note prompted by Jean’s post.

      Keeping it short for now as I intend to consider and perhaps post more on the matter another time.

      As with most things they are replaced over time old technologies get replaced with new.

      Needless to say billions of dollars are spent on drugs from major companies. Many patients are treated with multiple single use drugs perhaps up to sixteen a day in some cases. Surely consideration has to be given to a single multi use drug replacing multiple single drugs. Just imagine the impact on major drug companies regarding the amount of drugs manufactured being drastically reduced.

      Some thing to ponder on perhaps.

      Keep well.

      Sr Falconi

    • Trust me, you disgusting idiot and liar. Paid pumpers are much more prevalent than paid bashers. Probably 10:1, in fact. And they're paid for by the large shorts. You just don't get it, do you? Or are you part of that crew, and only just "playing" dumb?

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