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  • threefootersl4 threefootersl4 Jan 11, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    Longs,,, Is it a good time for me to buy in and go long or

    wait & see if it dips a little? I'm thinking right now....anybody?

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    • 3F as I look at this thing it would not be unreasonable to take some profits next week immediately. It is a bit out of the cycle but we are pretty extended I am thinking. I do think that an entry point is in the $2.70s now in February but right now that is a growing position if you take some now and re-invest down there. The stock has performed well in January but the options cycle is different I believe. What ever you do I would build a core position. If you can do so with money made on the house it is really no skin to yah and it is always good to build a really low cost average while protecting your original capital.

      I just do not see volume in the week to come and lately volume has been a strong part of the run to $3.21 earlier this week. Many will say volume is 2 million shares but it is really right about 1 million shares and quite low in my opinion with the way money is coming in around the Street.

      You know I am probably wrong and I am good with that. It is just my interpretation which is ultimately an opinion. I am still looking for a crystal ball that works 10% of the time. :-)

      Hey, I am a long now and will ride it for a buy down there in the $2.70s. $2.20 worked and so did the Jan options. Who knows, maybe I should save the voodoo doll and give up on cheep crystal dream.


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    • 3F I would sit until options X. should be around $3.05. Seek expanding your position on a pull back into $2.70s shortly thereafter.


    • Here 3jurbs, I've got a long one for you right here.....lmao

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