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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jan 18, 2013 10:29 PM Flag

    This is a $1.85 - $2.00 stock at best...Here let me give you some reasons...

    Your item 4 could be wrong Rim. Grapefruit causes problem with blood thinners like Warfarin. A lot of old people, and young people like me, take blood thinners. The rest of the stuff is considerable.

    It's good to see you here again dude. I have shares again with a cost basis of $2.80 after exercising my $2.50 Jan Calls.

    Hey, i did not listen to myself at $3.25 to sell and buy back in the $2s earlier this month. That was a mistake I bet. Option X and the stock is at $3. I bet it head fakes and goes lower. I will add in the $2.70s if I am lucky enough for it to get there later this month. Are you looking to get in at a point or does your title say it all? I think the values are a little low but what do I know? You are the trader.

    Cool that you are back. We have been dealing with Homos and stuff here for entertainment. I had to put a bunch of freaks on ignore with GreatDayForLosses, which I have never done before. I kept Traderpuke because I like to know what AVNR will blow up tomorrow. It is for my own mortal protection.

    Mikie is here. He posted me. He is trading around his core position. That is cool.


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    • Hi SS - great to see you. I'm not buying till it is below $2. Call me stubborn. Hey I was curious if you believe in sasquatch and if you had any first hand experience with either sasquatch or PBA? It is too bad the loony bin took over this forum. Used to be it is just that punk timsmith, jipper, cabodogge, johnnysmoke, smitytaco (all one person) and 3 footers and that dork otc/wekill stinking up this forum. I see now that I have moved on the carney barker has somewhat vanished. Good. Probably on another fake vacation to the Swiss Alps. #$%$).

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      • That is team IGNORE. I do not know where TradeTweak went. Maybe one of those sharks he catches on his yaucht ate him or something. Maybe Winkles finally made him VD sick or something. Not sure.

        I do not believe in Sasquatch and I spend plenty of time hiking in the Washington State mountains by myself hunting, fishing or just backpack camping. Sasquatch lives here according to original sightings in the 70's-80's I believe. I was only in single digits back then. I worry more about mountain lion. They attack folks up here for dinner. There is nothing like a pistol or an AR for such occurances.

        I think that PBA is probably treated appropriately, either with SSRI or N as required and appropriate.

        I do think you are stubborn, especially since I thought you were a trader. There will be ups and downs to your price target. You let me know if you start a position. I won't ask where you started. Just like to know where you stand on the investment in AVNR.

        I am going to HOLD on this one for now. You might be buying my shares if it hits your target.


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