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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jan 30, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    Good Scripts ..... Bad stock

    You can have good script numbers and still have a bad stock. AVNR is a perfect example of this. At this stage the number would need to be incredible, three times higher than reported this week, to get this stock going in the right direction. It would take weeks of those kinds of script numbers to create a sustained rally in this stock.

    If these "numbers" are so great then why are AVNR shareholders stuck with no real profit year over year in this thing? Compare AVNR share appreciation to what the pharma sector is doing year over year and it will be easy to see that this has been a horrid investment.

    Now compare AVNR to pharma companies that have been bought out over the last year and that have virtually no significant revenues and have been taken out for 50%-100%+ premiums and think, AVNR must be a reall stinker as it has an established product, it has revenue, and look at it and think, no one is buying it out!

    Something is very wrong with AVNR, not Nuedexta, but AVNR! I can read pumper posts all day for what is right about AVNR.

    I want to know what is WRONG with AVNR.



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    • I thought it wouldn't hurt to remind the pumpers that there is a lot more to the share price than the scripts. The stock will end far lower than last weeks close. Now what is important is this stock probably will come into a buying range around $2.50, Rim says -$2 I think, and that is probably a good time to lie, mislead and pump. Until then the pumpers should re-evaluate their position and get honest with their posts.

      Newbies, no matter how good the pump sounds do your DD. These pumpers are just trying to get out of their position in my opinion. They bought really high and simply will not admit to their mistake and get honest with themselves or this forum. That is in fact why they bought so high in the first place.

      All just my opinon.

      Good investing.


      Sentiment: Sell

    • Management sucks. If you check out the Cafepharma boards you can't find one person who likes working for this company. They have had so much turnover it is pathetic. Scripts are not growing fast enough and the refill rates just do not make sense for the amount of new scripts over the past year. Management has had time to make the market but they have failed to due so. They were too slow with the whole European process as well. Many analysts predicted that this was going to be already approved in Europe by now but management is just too slow. But hey, its easy to collect a pay check.

    • I guess you miss the part 22.6 million SHORT Crooks controlling the PPS

      It not rocket science to figure why AVNR is stuck here it has nothing to do with product or sales i will tell you

      WS CROOKS control the PPS and with deep pockets when you understand how the game is being played then you will not write or say what you did on your post.

      You have a long way to learn and understand how wall street operates they will do what ever it takes even steal - break the law or kill to make $$$$$$

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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