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  • oldbaldheadedfart oldbaldheadedfart Feb 2, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    Saturday Report 2.2.13

    Hi Sarge, nice report as always. I hope last week's script numbers are a sign that the new marketing initiatives are working and the focus on LTC is beginning to produce tangible results. I understand that consistent, fundamental company results are what are truly needed to break this share price to higher levels.

    I also believe there are powerful interests that negatively weigh on Avanir's throat that most likely include shorting and swing trading hedge funds, complicit MM's and blue chip, prime brokers whose billion dollar profits depend on the hedge fund premium commissions. This institutional manipulation is no longer dismissed as the ravings of the lunatic fringe and if we are ever going to restore the integrity of our financial markets, it will take victimized companies management speaking out loudly to the news media, their members of Congress, the SEC, DOJ and the trading exchanges to call for investigations. Cockroaches don't like light being shined on them and it is time for this systematic abuse to end.

    Katkin and other well-compensated company CEO's are not going to rock the boat unless they face relentless pressure to do so. I think it is reprehensible that Katkin (following the customary trend of CEO's) does not discuss share price to any significant degree in the many conference calls he has conducted. It is inexcusable that Katkin doesn't weigh in on why Avanir's relative shareholder value continues to languish these past two plus years despite FDA approval, albeit slow but progressive sales growth now approaching approximately $80M per year. Yet still no significant increase in value and the CEO doesn't believe he owes his shareholders any explanation as to why? I am sure there are many here who have grown tired of my occasional vents on Katkin's (and BOD's) bloated compensation while us shareholders continue to twist in the prevailing, manipulated winds. I am disgusted when I see these managers rake in millions at the expense of their shareholders while showing indifference to their shareholders not realizing any increase in value.

    I believe it is time for a consistent, concerted effort by shareholders to write Katkin and the BOD and demand that they publicly speak on concerns with share price manipulation and call for an investigation into Avanir's trading. Sarge, if you concur, I think you can be a catalyst for this initiative with your deserved popularity on this board and periodic prompting with your Saturday report. Please give it some thought as we retail investors are the true victims of this travesty.

    All just my opinions only.


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    • I'm right with you, OBH Friend. I think it's time our officers and board started acting like the fiduciaries they are supposed to be, and step up to protect shareholder value.

      Any who have time, call or e-mail or tweet or whatever to Ian, KK, Kristine, and anyone who'll listen. We INVESTORS are hanging out here, apparently alone. We could use some support!


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      • Hi Sarge and OBHF

        Thank you both for your comments to which I also agree with. Needless to say in the main if any losses are to be incurred it is generally the retail side of things that bare the brunt of the matter. As you are probably both aware I have been monitoring this saga for a number of years, your good selves being here some what longer will also know of what can only be called shenanigans of the past, present and heaven forbid the future.

        As can be seen it is evident that the power to be lies with investment/institutional element. There has been an interesting development in the UK regarding the splitting of the Banks to Banking sections, investment and Retail.

        You may not be aware in the UK our government (us tax payers) bailed out the Banks during the last crisis. Here is a bit of the news.
        The UK's big banks will be broken up if they fail to follow new rules to ring-fence risky investment operations from High Street outlets, Chancellor George Osborne has announced.
        He has said taxpayers are angry at banks' behaviour and will never again be expected to bail them out.
        The Independent Commission on Banking, led by Sir John Vickers in 2011, had concluded that ring-fencing was the best way to protect "core" retail banking activities from any future investment banking losses

        The 2008 crisis, which marked the start of the credit crunch, saw the government use £65bn of public money propping up Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group.
        Mr Osborne also referred to greed and corruption over banks' rigging of the Libor interest rate, but said that staying angry about bankers' behaviour would not fix the system.
        I know we are miles apart and have different ways but one thing I would say is common. When a given institution/company/group have more power/money than that of the government we know we are in trouble.

        My apologies from getting away from KK, it would hurt me to say he is on the end of the strings.

        Very best regards to you both.

        Sr Falconi

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    • "I believe it is time for a consistent, concerted effort by shareholders to write Katkin and the BOD and demand that they publicly speak on concerns with share price manipulation and call for an investigation into Avanir's trading. "
      I suspect that conspiracy theories about market manipulation are overblown and a knee-jerk response to company stock prices that aren't as high as companies and their sycophantic analysts have led people to believe they should be.
      I think a market cap of $400 million is fair for a company like Avanir with one drug that, almost 2 years after launch, is doing only about $68 million per year of NET Nuedexta sales
      One thing that leads to the perpetuation of such conspiracy theories is people think they are helpless victims.
      To that end, I point out that anyone can report suspicions to the SEC. So to paint the situation as one where alleged victims need to get their company to report, "concerns with share price manipulation" perpetuates the helpless victim mentality and fosters the continuation of conspiracy theories. Especially when the company does not agree that anything needs to be complained about to the SEC.
      To stop the helpless victim mentality and to limit conspiracy theories, I therefore suggest anyone who has any, "concern with share price manipulation" report their, "concern" to the SEC directly. I would then assume the SEC would take any appropriate steps to investigate anything they thought was the least bit suspicious.

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      • Ray,

        Your predictable response proves (once again) you are weighing in on a subject you know nothing about and/or you are trying to obfuscate. Illegal naked short selling is a FACT and not a conspiracy theory as many on WS for years claimed to thwart any serious investigation into the matter. Since Yahoo no longer permits links to articles, I will submit as proof that anyone who Googles "Goldman Sachs, naked shorting" will see Rolling Stone ("Accidentally released and incredibly embarrassing documents...") and Bloomberg articles confirming this illegal practice. All retail investors (us "muppets" per GS) should read the Rolling Stone article.

        As for your revelation that any retail investor can file a concern with the SEC, I can personally attest to the fact that doing so is a colossal waste of time. You might as well suggested that anyone could write the president to look into the matter.



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