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  • jeandoyon14 jeandoyon14 Feb 3, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    Oldest post from Jonasmoses is April 2012-Yet he bought shares pre-approval?Pretend long who


    is in the same sweat shop as rayonman or more appropriate hes another of ray's IDS.These pretend longs always phack up-always.Wake up people. waky waky.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You were doing so well with the rejection of the disgruntled employee idea that this post disappoints me.
      I don't get the impression Jonas is paid to post her to pump the stock. If he were, he'd pump when the market was open. He mainly posts about 11:15 pm Eastern Standard Time and his content would be much more wide ranging.
      To suggest he is paid to bash the stock is completely without reason. That is just blind bias talking. You get an "F" on that one.
      As for me being paid or that I have other IDs, you're quite wrong. Given your good observances in the "disgruntled employee" thread, I imagine you have noticed I don't post often when the market is open. I strongly suspect that someone who was being paid to try to influence buying or selling of the stock would be posting when the market is actually open. How does this obvious thing escape you?
      Since you have proven to me you are capable of seeing patterns and making discerning judgements, it makes me think you are blinded by bias or putting up a front of someone who is blinded by bias.
      To Mikie, I think Jonas is a good observer of AVNR and I value what he observes.
      He just comes at valuation with this one idea of a buyout value based on an inappropriate P/E that he derives from some overvalued big pharma company, as if there are no costs inherent in Avanir's business and I don't think this is a valid way to value a small biotech.