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  • onlyfactsplease onlyfactsplease Feb 11, 2013 8:42 PM Flag

    A bit of skepticism on the 4% and 7% growth

    LTC 30-day scripts written in December expired in January.

    For January 1-14 they expired as usual, were refilled, and TRx numbers were in-line with previous levels as expected. However, the pill counts during just those two weeks were down substantially.

    For January 15-30 the scripts written earlier in January were refilled in addition to those 30-day scripts written at the end of December. During that time the total TRx number skyrocketed compared to prior levels while the numbers of pill counts climbed back to previous levels.

    Given these events, would it be a fair comparison to look at week-over-week pills sold for:
    1/12-1/18 (partially light) vs 1/3-1/11(very light) and
    1/19-1/25 (fully weighted) vs. 1/12-1/18 (partially light) ????????????????

    Do you think AVNR realized this?
    Do you think Piper did?

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    • "LTC 30-day scripts written in December expired in January."
      If the average script is still 52 pills and the LTC scripts have less pills than retail scripts, doesn't that mean that most LTC scripts written in December would have been for significantly less than 30 days?
      On the other hand the LTC scripts would have had to have been significantly more than 14 days or the #of scripts would not have jumped up with the implementation of the 14 days maximum dispensing rule.
      Just guessing, obviously, but could the average LTC script in December have been for about 22 or 23 days?