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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Feb 11, 2013 10:33 PM Flag

    PINOCCHIO TS almost fealt bad...reply.

    Don't feel bad pumper board clown. When you started posting like you have I became a seller. You did not buy my shares because I sold higher. But please do not appologize to all of us taking profits again on an AVNR position. We need people like you. After all when you post a lot about buyng and about the Bull Mastiff screwing the neighbors Pug while buying AVNR we know that you are actually signalling the shorts to short and the profit taking traders to sell.

    It is when you go quiet that things are sketchy. You see when you go quiet I think he is trying to buy some stock. He will lie later about it but that is what he is doing. Thinking, "if I was a trader and not a career pumper I might actually buy here."

    Today was funny. You were abscent from pumping for the most part. I thought, "geesh is my buy target to low?" Then thought, nah he is just trying to pumper head fake me, I can sit tight. Then I thought what if the script numbers are just as bad as I thought so I sat there. Then just in case I bought 2,000 shares at $2.67. Now I am #$%$.

    My target is in the $2.50s for this stock as I posted last week. In fact I posted this weeks ago and the resistance is at $2.57. Now I know this, and then sure enough, you showed up pumping.

    I know that it is not bad enough yet and so you are still here. You shortbeacon you. You got me.


    I remember when you went away from ALU for quite some time after buying more than you ever should have over $2. I bought some at $1.05 and was ridiculed here by smart posters like RIM I think. Then I bought more at $1.15. I have my sell on the first staunch of shares where you bought $2. I hope you are there to buy again. Wish me luck pump daddy PINOCCHIO TS!


    Sentiment: Hold

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