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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Feb 11, 2013 11:21 PM Flag

    Sarge TEAM PUMP so far...

    So far this year this stock is a loser. So no matter how you spin it you now have a loser. On the 52 wk/wk it is a bunch lower and now this year it is lower. I want to point it out as that is the year forward too. Go back two years. Nope still a loser. It is funny how this stock loses investor's money. I hope your trading is going well like mine because your core holding, unless you have some kind of evil crystal pumper ball, or you are ancient, is lower. I just wanted to point this out for Saturday's history report for the feeble minded and for the new posting investor trying to learn something. If YOU can remember it for them then please post it. I sleap in on Saturdays and I would hate for any new or feeble minded investors to miss it.

    Also, since you trade, I would certainly hope that your "core" position is now PIF. It is still profit and likely losing money yr/yr if you hold it any more years.

    All just a heads up.


    Sentiment: Hold