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  • tradestoxx11 tradestoxx11 Feb 12, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Four Surveys and a prism registry all say the SAME thing

    There are MILLIONS of PBA sufferers out there. Where are they? Hiding in PLAIN SIGHT. In front of everyone. In patients who think they are "depressed". In patients whom the primary illness itself is being attributed for their behaviours.

    That is what every single survey and the registry tells us.

    And we have seen more here even. We've seen the REMARKABLE improvement in 2 days for patients who get put on N. Patients who were treated in some cases for YEARS with SSRI's...the drugs that Rim promotes as being safe but which have warning labels warning of SUICIDE.

    Are you aware that Amanda Todd..that young girl who recently killed herself...reportedly started on SSRI's not long before? You should be. And so should everyone who is on SSRI's.

    rim however invades this message board of the one and only company APPROVED to dispense their medicine for this condition and plays doctor in proclaming these drugs safe. SAFE would be having posters here report him to the FDA for his actions. That's what would make people safe.

    I..and every LEGITIMATE long here WILL acknowledge that RECENTLY scripp growth has slowed from the 30% level it was at. Why? My PERSONAL feeling is that we reached the number where the sales reps are essentially just filling in the gap for the normal drop off rate of scripps. 15 to 20% perhaps don't continue on with this drug after starting it. Havng reviewed MANY comments from patients on the various forums my personal feeling is that it's because the drug keeps some of them up at night. These people generally take a LOT of drugs and it seems to be a valid point in that there is this interaction among some of them. And so...the reps bring on new patients and that percent drop off.
    We're still gaining ground but it's not like it was because of that.

    I believe the period we're now entering is a transitional period. One from where the reps are critical to one where MARKETING is critical. and namely ..mass marketing. Like the TV commercials we're seeing. that has the potential to have us see some dramatic increases in a short amount of time.
    What it will ALSO take however is refining the message. I think their first efforts however are very good and you can see they're targeting exactly what i've suggested. Depression that REALLY ISN'T depression. And, they're introducing the name PBA for the first time for MANY of these patients. And doctors as well. The result is that so far over 100,000 people decided to check more into it.
    And 35k went on to request a fact kit. We'll have to see what the early results are but i think that's very encouraging. Remember.just 3500 people on this drug from that would be a 25 MILLION dollar run rate all by itself. And that will pay for a LOT more commercials.

    I think over time we will see Avnr bring those surveys "to life" via this mass marketing message.
    Maybe the answer will be infomercials...longer commercials ran later at night really delving into them.

    The bottom line here is that we're tapping into what those surveys say. And there is a LOT of patients there.

    Understand this. With DDEX we now likely have patent protection for the next 17 YEARS.

    Rimjob will be so long gone by then...he won't even be remembered even by the most die hard longs on this board.

    These shorts are desperate folks. Anyone that says 0 trx to 3000 /trx in under 24 mos is bad...80 million run rate in UNDER 2 years is bad..has either no concept of business. or is a FLAT OUT LIAR.

    And i think we all know which camp he falls in.

    It's interesting isn't it. That virtually the ONLY thing that hasn't been successful is the stock price.
    So far anyway. Other than that..the company has performed outstandingly. That's a sad testament i think on the market a a whole and shorts in particular.

    These people don't care if patients are helped. They don't care about the ALS patients and their stories i have brought continually to this board.

    They care about their pitiful selves. And whether they can escape this at a 10 cent better price.

    And that's sad. Ray and rim are two VERY sad..and VERY desperate individuals.


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