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  • oldavnrinvestor oldavnrinvestor Feb 15, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    Last words for reppt SARGE

    what kidn of person says he entered at less than a dollar but never disclosed that his average cost basis is well over 5 dollars probably? just beucase you say you are long, doesnt mean you should equivocate

    i was there when you entered at .47. i read your message. you were desperate and gambled like a fool with no fundamental analysis. isn't that why you haven't made money for the last 7-8 years that ive been here? yes i'm calling you out, because it's time you understood how to invest.


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    • I started investing in AVNR in 2001. It was AVN then, on the AmEx. Got in, initially, at about $6.00 per share. Then the stock drifted down, until it was plus or minus a dollar. Whenever I had a hundred bucks, I'd buy another hundred shares. It was the only way I could afford to accumulate.

      I was excited when the company first applied for approval for AVP-923, the 30-30 formulation. I bought as the stock reached into the teens. I IGNORED the warnings of people like Sickandtiredofpolitics and others, and was sure the drug would be approved. When the "Approvable" letter of 10/31/06 came out, I was devastated. I sold most of my shares, and lost a whole lot of money.

      After that, I shrank back from this board and investing. Started buying again at .46 per share, so at the present time, I'm well in the black for the shares I hold. I'm self-taught (obviously), and hopefully I've learned from my mistakes.

      Yes, I've made mistakes. And I've made friends here. I'm trying to participate in the American Dream of making money from my wits. I believe in the "Aspirin for Neurology", and the company, IMO, is making headway on a lot of fronts. I also believe there are strong, powerful interests who stand to lose money due to Nuedexta and Twodexta (SSRI producers), as well as hedge funds and/or mutual funds playing long and short at the same time, who want to keep the stock down as long as possible.

      I once saw a saying that said, basically, "It's no use being right all the time, if no one will listen to you." Your demeanor is brash and offensive. If you truly believe you have something to share, you might include "How to Win Friends in Influence People" among your reading materials.



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