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  • mikie_avnr24 mikie_avnr24 Mar 12, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Like i said,,same ole same ole till the generic lawsuit is over with...Shorts know how long they have...


    waiting game,,a EU approval will not let them go away even a deal with the up front payment..They think AVNR is going to zero!..The generic lawsuit is the cloud over this stock,ever since it was announced from say one she dropped like a rock in the water!

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    • Any contract to purchase by smart money would be made before then but contingent upon a successful patent litigation outcome and close afterward. JMHO

    • big cloudd over avnr- both dextromorphan and quinidine have been off patent and available gernerically for years for pennies. this company would disappear

    • why do u see the patent case as being something they can win? multiple layers of protection alone is a massive hurdle to overcome. There was then the FDA themselves essentially rejecting via the CRL the old formula. If that doesn't show how new and different N is in terms of being a new formula i don't know what does. Generics have at best...a less than 1% chance of winnng IMO and any short waiting on that is really not that bright.

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