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  • justlen1 justlen1 Mar 13, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Wow. Who knew Tradestoxx was a racist, too?

    Amongst his many negative attributes, you can now add racist to the list. A couple of recent comments from him on the ALU board:

    "Apparently you don't get out of south central LA you?"

    "you low life ghetto dwellers don't get out you?"

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    • PINOCCHIO TS is always full of surprises. Eventually he will expose his homosexuality with PINOCCHIO WINKLES to you.

      Is he still lying about the stock exploding higher with EU approval? How about the patent lit? The stock should not see $4 ever again. It might get cose with a take under to PINOCCHIO's $6 dream price.


      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Clearly racist. Hardly surprised, though.

    • Perhaps it's because I'm missing context, but I'm not seeing the racism.


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      • There is no racism in Tradestoxx's statement. Justlen is an idiot. Growing up in and around South Central LA, I know for a fact that there are all races there.

        People seem too eager to shout "racism" whenever someone makes a negative comment about another person.

      • Sorry, missed your post until now. I really don't want to belabor this, but there was no context, they came out of nowhere, and were unrelated to the discussion at hand, in my opinion. Often times when a person gets flustered, they lash out and their true colors (no pun intended) show up.. The poster he was posting to had not mentioned where he lived, or anything related to "south central LA." I'm sure TS will try some convoluted defense of himself, but just so you can decide for yourself, here are the two complete posts:

        I have nor use any other nicks and i haven't written anything paranoid. I Just state the facts. As for "sailing" my yacht (it's not a sailboat) the austrian "outback" you might want to consult a map to see the problems with that statement. Apparently you don't get out of south central LA you? In any terms of worthless posters on this're right up there with them. Have you ever posted anything of value?


        I was referencing your "sailing my yacht" to Austria statement. And like i might want to consult a map to see the difficulties with that. low life ghetto dwellers don't get out you? BTW..are you a WB46 alias? You seem to like rushing to his defense.