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  • fredhercules fredhercules Apr 25, 2013 1:03 AM Flag

    Hello Rayonman

    Despite your analysis and in depth knowledge of all things avnr you know about as much of the direction of this stock as Harryavnr which is not saying much.
    No offence but every night you re hash old posts rekindling the same tiresome diatribe and objective criticism .

    Why do you spend so much time on this #$%$ penny stock message board as you are clearly a very intelligent person ?

    Are you that lonely or just bored ?
    Its one of the Two .

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    • Ray ?
      Nowhere to be found today. Hmmm,

    • Rayonscam...clearly intelligent? Sorry my friend, but i'd beg to differ. This is a guy who honestly thought the last quarter we were up 36%. It was so bizarre that at first, I thought he was kidding. Until I realized he wasn't.
      And frankly, that involved some 6th grade math and that might even be generous considering I have a nephew in the 4th grade who could have figured that out. Ray couldn't figure that out...even with prompting ..after prompting..after prompting. Finally OFP had to step in and help him. It was painful to watch.

      And then came the pill count debate. Listen, I understand that we can ALL differ on that somewhat depending on many things. Are we talking about the high end of b/e? The low end? The middle? Not to mention all the income statement items to be considered. But when someone like myself offers up a number and STATES AND RESTATES AND STATES AGAIN that my number INCLUDES A PRICE INCREASE THAT I BELIEVE WILL HAPPEN BUT THAT HASN'T HAPPENED YET (or maybe it has?)....and that party does NOT even add that in their numbers even after prompting and reprompting and prompting SOME MORE....that is NOT an intelligent person. And again...who had to step in and help him? There was OFP again. And was so painful to watch as he tried to not so gently nudge Rayonscam into understanding.

      What did Ray then do? Tried to take up the argument that he thought a price increase wouldn't happen.

      Listen. i don't know what Ray does for a living but I have no doubt at all that it doesn't ALSO require food stamps for him to get by each month. And CLEARLY that job includes a part time one at least in the form of message board bashing. Some work at home for the hedge fund short industry or something.

      One can only pray they pay him more than 8.00 per hour.


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