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    Just think fellow longs, with CHMP recommending Nuedexta

    be approved for the treatment of pseudobulbar affect (PBA), irrespective of neurologic cause. In addition, the CHMP also recommended approval of two dose strengths of NUEDEXTA; 20/10 mg and 30/10 mg capsules. Avanir and its future partner will launch in Europe for all the following conditions, including Dementia, Long-Term Care, and:

    Prevalence in patients with stroke
    PBA is one of the most frequently reported poststroke behavioral syndromes, with a range of reported prevalence rates from 28% to 52%.[20][21][22] The higher prevalence rates tend to be reported in stroke patients who are older and/or who have a history of prior stroke.[23][24] The relationship between poststroke depression and PBA is complicated, because the depressive syndrome also occurs with high frequency in stroke survivors. Poststroke patients with PBA are more depressed than poststroke patients without PBA, and the presence of a depressive syndrome may exacerbate the weeping side of PBA symptoms.[20][25]

    Prevalence in patients with MS: Recent studies suggest a lifetime prevalence of PBA of approximately 10% in patients with MS.

    Prevalence in patients with ALS: A study designed specifically to survey for prevalence found that 49% of patients with ALS also had PBA.

    Prevalence in patients with TBI: One study of 301 consecutive cases in a clinic setting reported a 5% prevalence.

    Source: Wikipedia

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