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  • bullseyecatnip bullseyecatnip Jun 14, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Increasing volume, PPS trend - enjoy!


    IMHO, we are in a relaxing and enjoyable place as we enter the summer months... being able to take BIG deep breaths and enjoy what has now clearly been a nice, slow, and steady flow of positive official company news accompanied by a slow and steady rise in the price per share. Overall markets and worldwide events aside (of which we have no control over), I have increased confidence that we are building not only support in 4s, but I'm crossing my fingers and toes that this only a temporary resting place where we gather strength to 5s and beyond. I like the steady increase in volume and PPS rather than big spikes that often go both ways.

    With major newsworthy events around the corner... it will be interesting to see this news does to the PPS, volume, reaction from new and existing funds, etc. I will keep my optimism in check and simply take pleasure knowing that I have no worries about the viability of AVNR and any major temporary downside in the PPS would be a non-issue for the daily nosies of fear, uncertainty and doubts by shorts are growing fainter each passing day, week and quarter.

    Best to longs for a fun filled summer.

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    • Nice post.

      I'm all for steady rise also as new baseline gets built. There's no ignoring the fact that there's a chunk of longs that have been holding for years looking to cash in once they're north of their average PPS. On the other hand, new investors continue to pour in as AVNR gains further exposure and look to be cash-flow positive soon. I'm one long-term holder but way too much positive news to even think about cashing in. Next 6 months is going to be fun.

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