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  • shortsrscum shortsrscum Jul 13, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

    Howdy True Longs...

    First. GLTA!! “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” - Aristotle.

    Here is an interest set of numbers about our resident paid basher, Ray:

    In the last year, he has posted 3022 posts (last count). Of these post, 1197 have been in the last 90 days - an average of 13.3 posts per day.

    In the 275 days prior to the last 90, he posted a total of 1825 posts - an average of 6.636363 per day.

    Now, I am simple man (not really), but does it strike you as odd that 6.636363 x 2 is 13.2726, and that Ray has almost exactly doubled his posts in the last 90 days from 6.636363 to 13.3? Is someone getting paid by the post, or have a quota? Hmmmm.

    Just sheet and giggles for a lazy Saturday afternoon in sunny So. Cal :)

    N Worx!

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    • Even more amazingly fascinating is his posts actually ACCELERATED ....after he sold his long position.



      Thank you for the fine work SS and your DD on this issue.

      Ray's latest seems to be that 110M GRR ain't no big deal and according to him..businesses do that all the time. To which I posed the question to him however...if he were to open a Subway Sandwich shop in Feb. 2011....and today have 314 was his growth in that time span?
      Because the fact of the matter is..that would be a comparable look at what businesses were able to achieve in terms of Gross revenues.

      Even more amazing is that from a starting point of 0..we'll be break even by October at this rate allowing for maybe 3 to even 4.00 in earnings at this rate within a 5 year period...considering all our sources we'll have contributing by then.

      What scares Ray i'm afraid is that.....and the fact that that EASILY represents a 50 to even 60.00 stock based on very normal market p/e multiples.

      And so..instead..Ray attempts to use some bogus figure of market cap to net revenues today to say that Avnr is "expensive".

      Just wait until he gets a load of this stock when it's REALLY expensive.

      In any event SS..we have ONE hurdle left. The up and coming patent battle.
      That's all that's left that stands between us and 22 years of exclusive N.

      this has Ray petrified. Frightened.

      Desperate beyond all belief.


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      • "Even more amazingly fascinating is his posts actually ACCELERATED ....after he sold his long position"
        Let me help you identify at least two factors for why my posts have increased in the last 3 months.
        One is that Bert and Only and Rim haven't posted much in the last 3 months.
        Since those like yourself who like to fantasize about conspiracy theories need someone to focus on, I became the default "conspiracist" so many more posts mentioned me or were directed to me or replied to me.

        Proof of this is that if you look up "Ray" on the Search feature you will see 2,599 mentions for the last 1 year which accelerated to 1,178 in the last 3 months.

        Certainly in the last 3 months the number of posts I have made is about equal to the number of posts that had my name in them. And of course, there must be many posts in reply to me that don't have my name in them and this doesn't include other posts that refer to me as Rayon or RayRim or Rayoscam or Rayonly or BertOnlyRay or Rayconman etc. etc. etc.
        To Henry, thanks for being a voice of reason here.

    • The number of Rayon's postings are eclipsed by far with the posts by tradestox, mike, jean and other very far and if you count the fake id's used by the pumpers that delta widens even further.

      Also note that Rayon and Rim rarely personally attack pumpers only stating valid opinions yet the pumpers, including yourself, post vicious posts often slandering those oppose their views.

      Semper Fidelis

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      • "Semper Fidelis"? How about "non sequitur"? Your response lashes out at the quantity of total posts of others, generally. My focus is about the almost exact 2x ratio increase of posts in the last 90 days by Ray - not his total posts.

        Also, do you know the difference between slander and libel? Guess not.

        How are those puts you bought last month working for you?

        N Worx!

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      • Further What the heck is a "true long" ? Is there a minimum time an investor must hold to be "true" ?
        by Your rules an investor that buys and takes profit and then re-enter by buying at a lower price not a "true long" ?

        ponderous, simply ponderous !!!!!

        Srmper Fidelis