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  • fredhercules fredhercules Jul 13, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

    Mikie Avnr rocks Business and contact information.

    Reading this Mikie ?

    Sick and tired of Mikies posts ?
    Then read on.

    Thank you Dr Colin Goddard for supplying me with his info.
    After Mikie was bragging about doing a reno on Goddards house I decided to contact him and ask him for a reference regarding Mikes company which I couldn't remember the name of !
    He obliged.

    After enduring a constant racist and homophobic attack not to mention physicaly threatening invites form the imbecile I decided to hurt him where it hurts.
    In the pocket.

    Before I publish your info I will be a gentleman and give you a chance to promise to not be such a doofus on this message board. Its a beautiful day here at anchor in British columbias gulf islands, its given me a change of heart and you a chance.

    Don't believe me that I have your details ?
    Here's a sample....

    760 cen mor

    Yelp Facebook various other social media portals will be utilized to link your comments to your business.
    I feel the public who let you into their homes should know who EXACTLEY you are.

    Your choice.
    Have a nice day !

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    • Fred you are a true JERK___________________O F F !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • wonder how many of those thumbs down given to this post is from Mikie the foul mouth thug
      dozen or so alias', the guy is obviously a very disturb, racist homophobe who has yet to
      grow up, and to think this thug has offspring.... very sad.

    • Fred,
      Stop. Consider carefully.
      First, I don't think your use of social media to let Mike's business relationships know about his behavior on this message board is going to change Mike's behavior here.
      Second, I think it is more punishment than fits the transgressions here but I could see that is debatable.
      Third and more importantly, even if using social media to change Mike's behavior for the better could work (again, I highly doubt it), you have to ask yourself if you are picking your battles wisely.
      You don't know who you're dealing with.
      You need to consider what if he is a worst case scenario.
      For example, if you knew someone was in organized crime (not that I'm saying Mike is) and they were abusive and threatening on an anonymous message board, is it wise to give the city where you live, that you are associated with a boat and that you called Dr. Goddard under false pretenses to get Mike's information?
      Couldn't Dr. Goddard's incoming phone calls be checked?
      And then in using social media could your whereabouts and identity become further known?
      Mike has been overly open in challenging people to become known to him so he can fight them. He has claimed to be a multimillionaire and to know at least one person in the FBI who he claims would track someone down for him (for $$? as a friend?). He threatens to "hunt people down". He has claimed to be well "connected" and he works in an industry (the construction industry) that has historically had connections to organized crime. He has made allusions to death threats, just tonight referencing the "disappearance" of Jimmy Hoffa who is generally thought to have been murdered by organized crime.
      So ask yourself, if you knew someone was in organized crime and their transgressions were only bullying, threatening, saying crude, biased things, would you allow yourself to be id'ed and then tell them you will try to hurt their business?
      Could be dangerous for you. Not worth it.

      • 2 Replies to rayonman1
      • Thanks Ray however a simple police report is all that's needed.
        I didn't lie to Goddard, I simply asked him for a reference and to give me Mikies company name.

        Organized crime wouldn't allow someone with a mouth as big as him.
        He's just a big mouthed bloke with a wheelbarrow. I know. a ton of people in construction who are all great blokes,real men. I cannot believe this person is allowed into people's homes.
        Very scary that.

    • 760 Montauk Hwy Center Moriches Ny 11934
      Now you have no choice...Go for it !

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