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  • mikie_avnrocks mikie_avnrocks Jul 13, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Proud to be a long and love this stock and what it stands for,heck i love taking on bashers with Jean GDAY and others.I even post my number

    for whoever wants to confront me.Then you have cowards like FRED who i gave my number to when he asked thinking he had the nuggets to call me,NAH,,i tested his man hood and he lost it long ago and i hit a nerve.So he claims i gave him the wrong number,,,laughable!...People on this board fall for his fake long act but not me...So instead of calling me,he claims to have called Dr.Goddard and makes girly threats to expose our Message board on yelp and FB.......Fred,,you say you live in Vancouver BC..i say BS!!.....Enough with the threats Fred,,,,please follow through already..! talk is cheap,go ahead and prove me right girlieman.....Your the type of guy that breaks windsheilds because they cant hit back instead of confronting enemies.TRUTH ALWAYS HITS NERVES WITH PEOPLE !