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  • greatdayforinvestments greatdayforinvestments Jul 21, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    NOTE Basher Ray, sold at $3.80 for a loss. Strange he never bought any shares

    in the $2.00 or low $3.00 range! He has been Bashing on the Avanir message board for years now! Know wonder Basher Ray is #$%$ off and bitter! ALL the true longs that averaged down (and all the new longs) are in the money!

    Ray, your comment "I'm just here for discussion and for everyone to make their own best judgements."

    Yes, anybody that takes your serious is likely #$%$ off just like you! Cheers

    rayonman1 •

    If you read my posts then you know why I held a small long position.
    I think SSRIs should be first line for PBA but that is off-label use for SSRIs.
    As I've said on this message board frequently, I had hoped for $220 million in PBA peak revenues for Nuedexta and $875 million in off-label peak pain sales by around 2017.
    Unfortunately pain sales have not materialized at all.
    Nuedexta scripts are not increasing "week by week like a rocket" because net revenues are still a puny $75 million or so. This is puny.
    As you probably know, I thought the price rise was overdone last week and sold in the mid $3.80s, hoping to buy back my shares in the mid $3.50s, but I might settle for $3.70.
    We'll see. Less

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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