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  • winkles59 winkles59 Aug 13, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    For the Record-None of these three currently hold AVNR stock

    (According to them)

    Bert- sold at $5. Will consider re-entry at well below $4.
    Ray- sold at $3.85. Looking to buy at $3.50ish
    Rim- Advised last week, in his compassion and wisdom, to sell and wait for re-entry at the $3 ish level.

    Agenda much?

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    • For the Record - who really cares?

      I do love getting under your creepy fake attorney thin skin.

      Paranoia Much?

      AVNR will go sub $4...Why?
      *Cheaper, Safe, Effective treatments for PBA with TCA's and SSRI's
      *Heavy debt burden
      *ATM serial dilution
      *Rising Expenses/Cash Burn
      *Cultish clan of retail newbie pumpers who have fallen in love with AVNR
      *Enormous and dug-in short position
      *Costly litigation or probably settlements with Generics
      *PBA is rare - small market - after 2.5yrs on the market only doing 5000 scripts per week (ARNA is almost there after a month)

      My agenda is I buy low and I sell high - and I repeat this over and over. Even if I bought AVNR at $4.75 per share my actual cost basis would be in the neighborhood of $2.25 per share due to all my successful trades. Now excuse me while I wait patiently for sub $4 per share and needle you pumpers.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Winkles, I belive Bert said he sold at "about 5". To me that says he sold anywhere between 4.80 and 4.90ish.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • So what does it matter ? It is private information and is of no concern to anyone except to the individual investor.
      If someone has a negative view and chooses to short sell AVNR, or for that matter any stock, they are labeled a "basher" and ostracized yet you and others see it "fit" to "bash" the individuals who don't share your point of view.

      Semper Fidelis

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      • horcents Aug 13, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

        Henry, did it ever occur to you the we 'punks' may have placed mikie on ignore a very long time ago for the very reasons you mention?
        The problem most of us have with Ray isn't his bashing per se but the abject lie associated with said bashing. Does it really make sense to you that ANY individual would spend so much of his time bashing a stock he doesn't own? Seriously, Henry, you have to find that at least slightly askew. Of course bashing is legal (a silly posture) but his false presence is what galls most.
        I reposted this from your earlier comment but would add that it's not 'private' if they advertise their moves and it matters because they consistently post negative information that is neither factual nor provable while supposedly NOT owning the stock or professing to have gone short.
        It isn't a matter of finding a problem with their negative stance (and I really can't believe you are too obtuse to understand this distinction), it's the totally unbelievable notion that they would spend so much time bashing a stock they say they have no interest in. No sane person would do that which would lead one to believe they have an agenda that is being hidden. Therefore.... THEY are the target. Their ideas don't warrant comment with the genesis of their thoughts come from a hidden motive. It's just NOT that difficult to grasp Henry.