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  • andrewtsai89 andrewtsai89 Aug 14, 2013 12:47 PM Flag



    " me figure my cost basis....

    12% portfolio..averaged at 2.20
    1.5% portfolio..bought recently in the 4.30's and 4.40's. (average 4.40)
    1.5% portfolio bought today at 4.80 average.

    Total portfolio = 15% now.

    What is my NEW COST BASIS?

    Thank you Andrew"



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    • Off-Topic:
      No, Andrew. Trade can figure out his own cost basis.
      Trade wants you. as the young investor, Stanford MBA, Goldman intern to admire his cost basis and his investing ability. He wants you to look up to him for guidance. This would be a feather in his cap (in his mind).
      He wants the same thing from the rest of us but you would represent a different type of admirer and one who would also give him more credibility with the rest of us (all in his mind, of course).
      Unfortunately for Trade, you are not here to admire anyone. You are not here to learn from anyone.
      The opposite, is true, in fact.
      You are here because you crave admiration and respect yourself. So Trade will never get what he wants from you. One interesting question here is if Trade will ever realize that? Another interesting question is if you will ever realize this is not a playground for you to show off your investing skills and that you have much less in the way of investing skills to show off than you think. A final not-so-interesting question is if you will learn how to communicate with people decently here so that you even have a chance of them thinking about you without antipathy so they can think about you fairly.

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      • Actually..that's not the reason why I asked Andrew at all. The other day after my buys at 4.30's and 4.40's..he made the comment to me that my cost basis wasn't 2.20 any longer because of those.
        And, he was absolutely correct. The truth be told..between then and today and then considering my additional buys this morning as well...I haven't taken the time to compute what my new basis is.
        And so, because it was ANDREW who raised the issue...I asked him here to compute it for me.
        He declined and so I decided to do it myself anyway. I will also note however that in the past Andrew demonstrated he couldn't properly compute percentages and so i'm now questioning whether the REASON he didn't take on the challenge with my cost basis is because he may not know how to do that. He seemed to also be struggling last night with the pacer news...and in fact referred to muddydog as a liar..all because Andrew had no knowledge about that nor the fact that he himself COULD have accessed it had he signed up for it.

        And so..there seems to be a lot that young luke skywalker here ..aka Andrew....has a lot to learn.

        As for YOU looking up to me...I actually suspect that in your heart of do.
        Certainly you haven't been blind to the fact that my call record has been outstanding..both with Avnr and many other investments I've called here. And the fact is that just the other day with Avnr at 4.33 I made the PERSONAL suggestion to you that you stop this foolishness and get long Avnr.

        Well , I guess you see how that's gone as well.

        In any event...Good Luck to you nonetheless.
        Sadly, I think you need it almost as much as hopeless Bert.


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    • What is your point ?
      nobody cares !

      Semper Fidelis

    • I have shares at 3 different firms. I believe in being diversified in firms I use as well. And actually .....i have so much money it's hard to have one company hande it all. :)

      And actually..i know what my cost basis is. I just want to see if you can figure it out.

      Apparently you can't :( ??

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      • I'm in an similar situation with two online accounts and a big brokerage having one of my tax qualified plans. It is always interesting and then just bank accounts. Well FDIC only has a 250K per account insured so I spread that around and if one actually has problems then I can move rather easily to not lose to whatever caused it. Of course some value stocks will pay dividends that are much higher then fixxed accounts and if you are willing to subject yourself to risk you can generally do as well as the pros on your overall ROI. What is scary is that capital gains and dividends are always looked at by Washington and they want to always change the rules when you do better then what they think you should. Personally it is triple taxation but it is part of the game they like to put on us if we are not willing to share how we did it with them. Are they willing to subject themselves to risk like investors have too? Not really. Most don't even slightly comprehend how wealth is created and preserved. They just like the power to redistribute when they think you are doing too well and thus the reason why the income tax rates are against those who are successful and if they really believe that all are equal, then the rates should be just a flat rate and the simplification would allow many to go out and do the best. Unfortunately Washington doesn't really think we are all equal and thus have to make the rules to punish success if when it comes at great risk. At great risk comes great reward.

      • You aint got nothing chump! Mr fantasy player caught in so many lies! Life goes on!