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  • california_academic california_academic Sep 13, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Here is why nobody should be laughing

    When the price of a stock goes down, the value of the stock holdings of those who are long the stock goes down. In other words, longs lose money. Financial losses cause various hardships, ranging from mere aggravation and annoyance to total financial devastation.

    What I am saying here is that the plummet in the price of AVNR is hurting people. Yes, perhaps they should have known better than to put their money in this stock, but that doesn't matter......they are hurting.

    There is no need to rub salt in the wounds they have suffered, even if it is from their own poor investing decisions. Show some class.

    Good luck to all.

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    • LMAO! must be a newbie here. First who's hurting? and who's losing money? Who's suffering? and Who's made a bad investment? I think what you should be saying is Who is worried right now? Longs are sitting back enjoying the show while shorts are desperately working there As off trying to get to some happy medium to cover what's left of their go-nnads..... Laughing?.....I think longs will be laughing for a long long while now. Once trials over pps will be at $10 easy......Good luck getting out without losing to much short- chimps......Bawhahahhahaahhahhaha

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    • Thanks for your "concern" but I haven't sold anything, haven't lost a cent and on paper am way in the green.

      Send your flowers elsewhere.

    • Concern trolling. Example #324 of how perennial shorts are sociopathic douchebags.

    • The bottom line is this. If this move is bothering a long to that extent then they have too much of this stock.
      When I sit here and look at my screen what I see is this. MANY different investments...different buy in points..different sectors...different Countries I invest in. One Great big...beautiful :) .....portfolio that has been crafted and diversified into ...for many years.

      In my view..most people shouldn't even be in individual stocks. Because they simply cannot be diversified enough within them to make it worth it. That's why there is mutual funds that do that for you.
      When people DO invest in individual stocks however..i believe that they should ROUGHLY follow the mutual fund way of doing things. Buying in averages and being VERY diversified within their portfolios.
      The difference with individual investing should be that YOU pick the stocks. Not some fund manager.
      You do your own homework and have your own belief system. But generally speaking...I think that inviduval investors should STILL stick to a 3% speculative..5% regular hold..10% top hold formula.
      Because otherwise they're "gambling". And they have too much emotion.

      And emotion will kill you. On the long AND short side. There is not a thing I buy that I don't first ask myself the I diversified? And not a thing I buy that I don't plan on averaging in to. Because I cannot time the market. I bought Avnr today at 4.50...down to 4.20's. in the short term all were WRONG....Right?

      Wrong. They weren't. Because I don't have a crystal ball. I just know VALUE and perceive it to be just that.
      My time horizon is long term. I believe i'll sell these shares a LOT higher than we are now.
      I feel no emotion about Avnr today. Or any day. The key word there is FEEL. I can be bullish and very bullish without any feelings about it whatsoever. Emotions are a KILLER in the market. And the only thing that controls being diversified.


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    • I think the whole point of being long is that you ride out this nonsense. The only people getting agita right now are the shorts. So they shorten their own lifespans... as an academic, maybe that's a new sort of social darwinism? They ultimately don't matter to the longs.

      And, again as an academic, do you trust Piper Jaffray, or some no name in Panama (or Jim Cramer)? Really? That's like believing the National Enquirer over the Harvard Business Review.

      And half of their posts are bs. Everyone here is a multimillionaire and a stock psychic. If they really had that kind of control over time and space... would they be spending their days posting about a $5.00 stock on Yahoo? Relax and see the humor in it!

      (I am neither a multimillionaire or a stock psychic. Just looking for a better than S+P overall return.)

      Have a good day. :)

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    • Next week is going to be worse. Laughing should be the least of your worries Mr. Timber man....shorts will stomping on your nuts next week AND laughing AND Spitting in your face!!!!! I look forward to the show...
      Now run along winkles - fetch me my buttered corn you fake lawyer you!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Owwwww! it hurts - this sux - oh the pain!!! Please stop, please, please

    • Its only worth what you sell it for. Most longs have not lost money at this point.
      In two weeks this will be back up to $6.

    • liberty5251 Sep 13, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

      Agreed, words of reason! Thank you Sir/Mam

      Semper Fidelis

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    • "There is no need to rub salt in the wounds"

      So when you say (in your last post)


      This stock is toast.

      that is not doing the same thing to the longs on that board?

      Hypocrite. Go away, loser.

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