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  • ron_xlii ron_xlii Nov 2, 2004 5:46 PM Flag

    Voting Process

    Up here, Massachusetts, we hear on the news about 3 hour waits in Florida to vote, confusion, etc. We know what happened with hanging chads 4 years ago.

    I'd like to describe the voting process here.

    Go to polls, no wait. Look up my street to see what precint we live in. Check in, have my name crossed off the list, receive paper ballot. Our ballots have arrows pointing to each candidate. The middle of the arrows are missing. Draw a line to complete the arrows on the candidates you are voting for. Take ballot to a small machine which checks and counts your ballot. Exit. Process took about 5 minutes, 4 of which is filling out the ballot. If your ballot fails the check, it would fail if you voted for both bush & kerry, that ballot would be invalidated and you would receive a new ballot. Seems foolproof to me.


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    • You are correct Paul. When I have the water tested it's a very comprehensive test. My water is in very good shape.


    • Well "contamination" can be completely natural, from salt/sodium, iron, calcium, alkali and other minerals that are present in concentrations too high for drinking or make the water too hard for washing.

    • Hi Paul,

      Yes, it's my own well. No treatment needed. I have the water tested every couple of years. Our house and our neighbors are the only ones sipping from this area and all the homes in the area are on the sewer line.


      PS: The water in this area used to make one of the first sodas. You may remember seeing signs for the Clicquot Club Soda, with the little eskimo on the bottle.

    • <<I saw it on FOX.>>

      Already we have a believability problem.

    • <<My drinking water is well water.>>

      Is it your own well? Do you have to treat it? My daughter is in Barrington NH. They sunk a new well and needed another $3000 of treatment equipment to get water fit for drinking and washing.

    • throw peter head jennings in there with the ketchup boyz.

    • R hi,

      YUP....INTC and KLAC and AMAT are the ring leaders.

      AMD is the Only SOXX-bitch flying now,


    • R hi,

      Dan Rather is a senile Democrat still on assignment in Vietnam.


    • Once you get away from Boston. The state is filled with small towns surrounded by woods. My drinking water is well water. Even the town's water is from wells. I'd go nuts if I had to live in a big city. I go to Boston once a week and that is enough.


    • Hi Ron, except when they incorrectly match your address on your sample ballot to a polling station 25 miles away. I showed up at the station where I should have appeared on the rolls and requested a provisional ballot. Once they check to make sure I'm registered and have not signed the book on the other side of this huge county, they'll count my vote, in eleven days.

      Since I volunteered to work a polling station one election year I knew I'd have to vote a provisional ballot or drive the 25 or so miles during either rush-hour. I had to explain it to the workers a couple of times though. They kept looking for my name on the roll and I kept saying it wouldn't be there.

      They finally concluded after much consternation that I had to vote a provisional ballot. Yes, that's it, and I did. Funny.

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      • We're lucky in the respect that our town only has one polling place, the old town school (1912) which we restored several years ago and is now the town hall, senior center, extra gym, etc. So if you live in my town that is where you vote, and it's still small enought where everyone kinds of knows everyone else.

        Still the process is not foolproof. What if someone passed themselves off as me (we show no ID) and when I went in my name had been crossed off the list.

        I just wanted to outline the way we vote here (paper ballot). I used to think paper ballots were old fashioned but having used both paper ballots and the voting machines, I think the paper ballots are better.

        Now we get to watch on TV as the results come in. Kind of like a sporting event.


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