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  • stupidjaydumbsage stupidjaydumbsage Feb 4, 2005 7:42 PM Flag


    You guys have got to be the biggest Dumb Ass Dick Heads anywhere.

    Looking back, you Queers called KLAC,ASKJ,FNM, and a few others. What in the Hell are you guys thinking.

    Kept saying "KLAC going down!" "KLAC going down!" What a retard, dumb ass call. Jay lost his ass on the deal. Dumb ass! Serves him right! Take a class.

    ASKJ the same old shit. "Going to wake up one morning and find itself at $20" they say. Well shit, it never went down.

    FNM, now there was a call, you Dick Heads called that one didn't you. It took 12 weeks to go down.

    Really! Dumb Ass, Dick Smokers like you two Retards need some help.

    Please stop posting, and thinking mabey someone will buy your shit.


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    • jnybgood2000,

      Yes...But... How has Goleta been? My friend was from Georgia. He had baked his brain in the sun. I have so many stories about him. Everytime he went downtown alone he got in trouble. One time he got in a fight with 4 other guys. "I think I kicked one of their kneecaps off." So the next night he's going back to look for them. I tell him, "You can't fight 4 guys!" He looks at me and takes out his boy scout knife. Opens all 4 blades at an angle. Then he takes out his nail clippers and opens that half inch blade and the nail file. He holds up the nail clippers in one hand and says, "Do you see that!" I said, "Yes." In the other hand he holds up the boy scout knife and says, "do you see that!" I said, "Yes." He replied, "Do you know how much blade that equals?" He never did see those guys again, which is probably a good thing. Just for the record, he and a guy from Maryland were my drinking buddies. I was the sane one.



    • Ron,

      That's one of my all time favorites.
      Just last week I sat my kids down and tried to explain that there is no such word as yea but.
      You should have seen the look on their faces trying to grasp what goofy ol dad was trying to tell them. LOL

    • I'll end this the way an old friend (who had to have the last word) ended an argument that he had lost.


    • "I think they are being kind. Don't want to get sued."

      I agree Ron.

      If there is anyone worse than Hitler, Sadam, or Bin. I would have to be lawyers.

      Spent a lot of time with the State of Texas lawyers.

      I asked them on one the court room when a Grand Jury was trying to get me, "why do you guys lie and we can't. You guys lie big time, all the time.

      The two of them told me that "We aren't under oath, but you are."

      Boy sorry dogs.

      Got lots of stories on lawyers Ron.


    • Ron..,That to me does not connotate ambulance chaser.


    • Hi klono_2000

      Just plugged the term "philadelphia lawyer" into Just to check, incase I was wrong. This is what popped up -
      2 entries found for philadelphia lawyer.
      Philadelphia lawyer

      A shrewd attorney adept at the discovery and manipulation of legal technicalities.

      Philadelphia lawyer

      A shrewd attorney, adept at dealing with legal technicalities, as in It would take a Philadelphia lawyer to get him off. This expression dates from the late 1700s and, as lexicographer Richard H. Thornton observed: "Why members of the Philadelphia bar should be credited with superhuman sagacity has never been satisfactorily explained."

      Source: The American Heritage� Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer.
      Copyright � 1997 by The Christine Ammer 1992 Trust. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

      I think they are being kind. Don't want to get sued.


    • Been a whole lot more than just those three. Are those the only ones that you shorted.

      Guess you need to do some of your own work huh?


    • easy.....

      FNM was a nice play...I cant help it crooks are holding that POS up.

      FDRY worked fine....

      AMAT is dead.....I'd stay away...and dont kiss up to INTC either,


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