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  • faz239 faz239 Jun 10, 2014 1:36 PM Flag

    FAZ is predicting market crash - correction So far I am 100% correct Garaunteed

    Check all the predictions I made from my posts.
    The indexes should not have been as high as they are now anyway.
    VIX ETFs are increasing in volume.
    Russia & Ukraine tensions are are in pick again.
    All the technical are in favor of crash.
    Global sell-off started yesterday and increasing in volume.
    Smart money are taking their profit slowly but waiting in gain in case retailers push for slight bull.
    No real & major economic news are in plate for 4 weeks.
    Interest rate hike discussion is on the way.
    Gold & Silver are pushed to its lowest.
    Another Tapering is coming soon.
    Sell in May is overdue.
    No slight collections have been done on DOWS & S&P. Markets are able to go any higher.
    Retailers are NOW completely aware of backdoor bond buying and corporate stock buybacks. They are also over exhausted.
    Nasdaq is torn down and it has no directions. As you all know people who invested in low and mid caps lost 30-40% of theit investment.
    Market corrections are needed for healthy trend.
    Main Bull News advertisers from all medias are quite because their lies are working. They all will be back until stocks go to down and they will start preaching again to push it higher.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • know, personally I think your just a dumper who shorts stocks and is trying to scare people. but,on a technical matter. SUPN based on my indicators is currently in the oversold territory. I do expect to see a pullback but would consider that more of a correction and consolidation than anything. the company is solid. until such time that competition or something else happens they are on track to be profitable next year and expect to see sales more than double their current expenses.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Posts like this make you look... well, NOT smart. If you post it enough, SOMEDAY you might be correct... if you are not broke first. The first five trading days of the month are a far more reliable indicator, than you have proven to be... and they say, June is safe. Even when they flash a signal, it usually takes more than a month for things to come to fruition... Posting nonsense doesn't make it true... listen to the market... not the voices in your head...
      but good luck!

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