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  • abhorns abhorns Dec 10, 2010 11:00 AM Flag

    phony phony phony

    In all my 40 years experience in this market the one thing that amazes me the most is how hard up most investors are to make a fast buck and forget all rationale and go head on with stupidity. I also learned that the "big boys" know much much more than you and to make this very you think that with a potential $1.10 buyout the stock would be at 30 cents or so? Why don't you think before your hunger for that dollar takes control of you? Of course, if you have so much money or money to burn or don't care then I guess why not TAKE A CHANCE at the casino. But most of us work very hard for our money. Please think.

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    • "They've just received 500K in CA$H !!"

      Oh, no they haven't!

      They've PR'ed that they "expect" to receive $500,000 at some unspecified time in the future:

      "Al-Dorra will deposit $500,000 in the Company's account to be used to pay legal fees and expenses associated with the ongoing business operations of Spencer Pharmaceutical."

      Although originally they said they would receive it by November 30:

      "Spencer Pharmaceutical Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SPPH) announced today that it has received an irrevocable commitment for $500,000 in the Company from Al-Dorra. This commitment, the form of which will be determined, will be non-refundable.

      According to the letter by Al-Dorra, they will forward this commitment on or before November 30, 2010."

      that turned out to be yet another Spencer Pharma/Arella lie.

    • They've just received 500K in CA$H !!

    • Abhorns...Just curious why you are here? If it’s to warn people you are a little late. Admit it; you are intrigued at the slight possible too. If not I thank you. Since we all need write-off at the end of the year its not a total loss.

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      • did abhorns get burnt before the guy who's been in the game for 40 years mm mm interesting so why did he buy into it again on this sale of spph i think it was either 0.08 or was it 0.11 sold at 0.33 bought 6000 usa dollars thats if it was 0.08 24,750 he made ...
        so can he tells us why did he buy spph knowing what he talks about in his post...i know he mentions this in post trying to work out how to make money out of this stock
        why would you post that in older posts mate ....just move on stop the bull i don't want your opinion ,your 40 years seems bull and why invest in spph since you been burnt by same guy ,why didn't you do your research 1st so much for your 40 years

    • 3G or 4G Phony?

    • abhorns, I can't believe you have been in this market 40 years. You keep plowing out these negatives that I and others are stupid because you haven't learned how to do this. Just to help you out a little with your mind set some. A couple of the key things you must do to play the game is (as you say) have patience, do not invest more in one stock than you are willing to loose (don't be greedy). Be happy with small gains that helps keep you to small loss's. Do good DD.
      This stock has some weird things about it that are going on, that is for sure. That said though they have published PR's that I feel could put them in jail if this was a, scam - phony, like you and one other unhappy investor (who evidently lost money with Dr. Max before)have taken more space up here to say than is needed. Don't know why any of you think you have to be here constantly, day after day, trying to save us all. Once leaving your message here was enough warning. Thank you for that. As for the rest - pack it up and go away. You don't own this stock (we must assume) so why be here. We get the point you don't like the stock. Move on to another place where you own stock and try to be a more positive factor on their MB. GLTY

    • I agree monther, "40 years in the market" and he can't figure out how to make money on these things scam or no scam. I bought 6,000 shares of this stock averaged at 0.12. Sold it all today at 0.33 and I have been doing this kind of thing for 5 years and made a lot of money. I have had only 4 times been burned and those 4 totaled a loss of $748. Hey abhorns, if I am making lost's of money doing this and my loss are nill, you say I am stupid!!! Well I'll stay stupid then, I like making money while I am stupid. Stupid will buy back into this stock some where below 0.10 with 6,000 again and I am playing with their money with a lot of profit left over. Won't cost me a dime. When or if I hit again for a prifit good deal, if I don't no loss to me. You call that stupid. What world do you live in adhorns. GLTY

    • 40 years in the markets ?!! and you wonder why the price is at $0.32 !?
      Well , since i have been in a couple of buyouts in 2010 alone ,i would like to say this , the share price WILL not trade at the deal price until the deal is closed/final.
      i had bought JAV at $1.25 while the deal was announced at $2.2 a month before my purchase. So was that a scam as well ?? :)
      a month later in early June the stock opened at $2.2 and i sold my shares , easy money :)


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