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  • cssbutler cssbutler Feb 17, 2011 2:46 PM Flag


    I've never received any notification mailing like they promised (see promise at bottom). I'm convinced this company is a scam.

    Besides, you'd have to be a fool to believe a company trading at 9 cents a share is going to be bought out for over $1 a share.

    And these people are IMPOSSIBLE to talk to. They're all over in the Middlle East. All the markings of a scam.


    "Offeror will send a notification mailing out to the Company's shareholders five business days after the funds are placed into escrow and or proof of funds for the offer; it is anticipated that the funds will go into the escrow agent on Monday, January 31st, 2011"

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    • news will be out soon , good or bad , we have to see what comes next .
      But i have talked and texted REAL key persons involved in the deal , and they said (last week) that all is a go so far .
      I can't ask them to disclose more information other than that i guess , But i have contacted those persons just to disoute the claim of iHub moderators that still keep on insiting that al-dorra is not a real company and that it doesn't exist !
      They don't have a basis for such a claim and cannot/ will not try to dispute such hard evidence except stating past "similar" scam deal and that what ever you post is a lie !!
      what a bunch of A$$es those "soon to be broke" iHub owners :)

    • no matter what news is this will pop in volume to 4 mln plus shares on 2 days....or so...could be next week, could be the week after....who knows...ALL I know is represenative from the company returned my phone call a few days ago...and told me that March 17th closing date was still a go. I expect a pop in sp just on speculation of this event....I also expect a bigger pop if relative good news is announced. Imho...someone or organization is trying mighty hard to keep this sp down. Look at the timeline It started in October.....It's been 5 months and they are still talkign buyout..last update feb 4th...14 days ago. In my comes out next week with good news.....that's my opinion..and I could be wrong.

    • no one promoting anything , we all have to wait for news
      Could be bad and could also be good !
      50/50 chance at this point , if you've already invested money that is ...

    • this lawsuit link is what got me bannned on IHub ! :)

      The same guys are now posting the nonsense about a scam over here , they have not a single proof except personal opinion.
      iHub Douchebags !

    • thank you seems to me that alot of people are comcerned about our well being....i wonder why????? again, thank you for putting the above in it's proper place.....shame fears exposure...always...

    • Investors hub has been sued for $400 million recently for itself promoting scams (see previous post on here). I wouldn't trust very much from that site! I still remember all the scam posters on IHUB who promoted the THRR "buyout." What a joke!

      In other words, don't give me a link to IHUB!

      And the bottom line for me is that you negative posters have never ONCE given a link to an official complaint to the SEC. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON. If all the things you are saying are true, a group of investors could see that all of these people are THROWN IN JAIL.

      GIVE US PROOF and ACTION, NOT just A BUNCH OF WORDS about this company!

    • OK. We know your thoughts now. For me, I will rake in the $ you leave behind. My payday is on the way. Booya

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