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  • jameskrakom jameskrakom Mar 18, 2011 3:53 AM Flag

    The truth about SPPH 1.....

    .......and why the only people facing charges will be Max Arella, JF Amyot, D. Robert Albi and their criminal conspirators:

    The unadulterated and incontrovertible truth is that SPPH is a scam, pure and simple, and Max Arella and his associates are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the investing public:

    Spencer Pharma is buy no means the first scam pharma company that Arella has been involved with.

    Horizon Health International,HZHI, which recently did a reverse split in order to set up the next big dump, is one of Arella's previous pump 'n dump operations. Others include BISU, AFLB and ProtoKinetix, PKTX

    Behind most of these scams is the figure of lovable cuddly French Canadian penny stock fraudster, criminal and (ex?) Director of Spencer Pharma, the man behind both Hilbroy Associates and IAB (ItsAllBull - for once, truth in advertising!) Media, one

    Jean Fran├žois Amyot.

    Here's the rest of the scoop on the Spencer Pharma fraud:

    Spencer Pharma has repeatedly lied with every PR it's ever issued.

    For example, here's the supposed timeline for the (entirely mythical) buy-out:

    "the Offeror will send a notification mailing out to the Company's shareholders five business days after the funds are placed into escrow and or proof of funds for the offer; it is anticipated that the funds will go into the escrow agent on Monday, January 31st"

    That means that Shareholders should have had a mailing from Al-Dora/Al-Dorra/Al Durrah on Monday, February 7, especially as SPPH have claimed that they received the deposit more than a month ahead of scheduled delivery of the balance of the funds:

    "Spencer Pharmaceutical Receives $500,000 Deposit From Al-Dorra
    Date : 12/21/2010 @ 9:00AM"

    We now know the buy-out will not happen on March 17 (actually some of us knew that already, and we also know that it will never happen).

    Odd, isn't it? (Not really - Al-Dora/Al-Dorra/Al Durrah doesn't actually exist outside of Arella and company's crooked PRs.)

    And here's another much-trumpeted timeline:

    "According to management, the company has signed confidentiality agreements with several companies and has begun talks over the distribution and formulations of its MET4 and Ibuprofen formulations as well as the co-development of several new formulations. The company expects to be in a position to sign a memorandum of understanding and or licensing agreements on or before February 10, 2011."

    This was the "offer" SPPH were making to their marks before they were forced to admit that previously announced timelines for Met4 development, and talk of accelerated approval in the US and Canada, were all pure lies.

    It will not have escaped your attention that February 10 has also been and gone.

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    • I have always been my belief that the SEC really doesn't care about investors rights in penny stocks unless they are taughted, but it still puzzels me at why this one is still going. If it is a scam..don't you think the SEC could prove it in a couple of phone calls and shut it down...or is it that simple?

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      • notice the sentence in the pr...."tendered 55% of the shares" that is as I take it Outstanding shares..right? If this is true, then it's only a stepladder process to bump up the sp in a squeeze that sooner or later will occur. If there are only 45% of the total shares left to be traded, then even a dummy knows this is planned by spph to bump the sp up. imho

    • FACTS!? , the company has been posting information since October and you still need facts !!

      You have all that info , and still don't know what to do with it , believe it or move on .. OR take it to the regulators and make them verify it on your behalf. Did that happen , did you do anything about it except CLAIMING that its a scam !! Who cares about what you think ! or maybe your IBM board member cares.
      Your friend is a board member in IBM , yet you don't have the means of digging into this scam , yeah right.
      another thing , if you;re a blue chip investor , why the interrest in a Pinky "scam" like SPPH !!?? how did you even find it !
      your IBM friend mught get diappointed if he sees you posting here :)

    • Gosh MO....I have a good friend of many, many years on IBM's board.....would I believe something that they said about their company??? You BET I WOULD due to what little fact? CREDIBILITY my friend CREDIBILITY. That is earned and not something you go out and buy from your investors. SPPH has none......prove me wrong with the FACTS and not unsubstantiated FLUFF !

      Be sure to let us all know when your $1.10 buyout happens also as we can just hardly wait for that to transpire!!! It is blatently obvious you have never ever been through the discovery process of anything in your entire life. If you had, you would know for a fact it is a phoney just as all the other manipulative PR's !! The process is very straight forward and information is to be handled in certain ways. Didn't happen! Possibly the good Dr. should have consulted his high paid lawyers before he attempted to slip this one in on!

      Waiting to hear from you on your magical event!!
      Pic's would be nice and Dr. Max pullin the " pinky " rabbit out of the hat!!

    • AS i stated before , WE know some of the board members of "Al-Dora Petrochemical services co" and NOT "AL-Dorra Holding company" , which is also a Kuwaiti registered company.
      someone is either stupid or acting stupid here ... !

      Don't try to twist my words the same way you're twisting up stuff about SPPH , that doesn't work .

    • " and Max Arella and his associates are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the investing public: "

      Maaan you're digging your own grave sunspotter.
      those alligations are getting you closer to a court date , poor thing.

      And again with the googled BS. soo desperate to bash , soo funny.
      You don't have evidence , you don't have support from legal authorities/SEC/FNRA to go along with your crazy theories , let alone the support of readers of this message board to trust anything you and your iHub clan post here.

      can't wait for your next posts though , makes me smile :)

      • 1 Reply to monther1969
      • this is gonna be fun......accusing me again with mutiple id's that I am part of the conspiracy? the discovery process in the lawsuit against these bashers will be a hoot. I'll be sitting back wondering how yahoo can even let these people (loose term) even post here. the felony charges keep building. keep the material coming bashers....It's all being recorded. imho ....

    • ) Spencer Pharma is literally worthless. Their sole asset is a patent which I suspect would collapse with any serious challenge, and is for technology that can be, and is, worked around by any number of other SR/MR technologies. Their liabilities outweigh their assets many times, and they have no cash to speak of (less than $300 at last count).

      2) Their business model, as I have described in the iBox and in a "sticky" post, is unworkable, except as a cover for a pump and dump operation. Their "products", Met4, or MR ibuprofen, are millions of dollars and many years from the market (assuming they actually work, which is no slam dunk) and even if it reaches the market, both of these market niches is already fully satisfied by low-cost generics.

      3) They are in default to their so-called research partners, INSA. They haven't even made a single payment to them. INSA are no longer even mentioned on Spencer Pharma's website, and the INSA rep on their Ad Board has also disappeared.

      4) Spencer Pharma's CEO is associated with other scams such as HZHI, BISU and AFLB. HZHI is run by a convicted slum landlord and bootlegger- gangster Rocco DiFruscia, whose greed has killed people - and although Arella resigned as Chairman recently, he has said he will continue to be associated with the company.

      5) A mysterious third party has paid in excess of $250,000 to various penny stock promoters such as IAB to duplicate and reproduce SPPH's PRs on their sites. No doubt coincidentally, message boards such as this are at the same time flooded with highly optimistic and uncritical parroting of SPPH's clearly false PRs.

      6) Strategema Capital, supposedly Spencer's consultants on this phantom buy-out, have denied any significant involvement in the Al-Dora/Al-Dorra/Al Durrah deal ,and confirm that in spite of asking for details of that party, none were ever supplied by Dr. Max Arella. This in spite of repeated requests.

      7) The Kuwaiti third party allegedly making the buy-out has a UAE-based mobile phone number as its sole contact. This company which has been variously described as Al-Dora, Al-Dorra and Al Durrah in materials is NOT related to the petroleum services company Al-Dorra (, which is the only entity identifiable on the web that has a name like the one given by SPPH's PRs. The alleged buyer has never issued a public statement confirming SPPH's PR claims, nor indeed any other kind of public statement.

      8) The two named principals of Al-Dora/Al-Dorra/Al Durrah,

      "chairman, His Excellency Dr. Bandar Al-Dhafiri and its CEO His Excellency Hussein Al-Awaid"

      are untraceable via the Internet, even though with the "His Excellency" title they should be Gulf Royalty, not a group normally associated with anonymity.

      9) If Al-Dora/Al-Dorra/Al Durrah actually wanted to buy Spencer Pharma, then they could have gone on to the open market and bought a significant slice of SPPH for way less than $1.10 per share. The average daily volume for this stock shows simply that it is being flipped by day traders and there is no party out there with a serious interest in the company.
      "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

      Upton Sinclair

      "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

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