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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Apr 26, 2011 11:55 PM Flag

    Really Wierd

    I can not see the risk in buying now or soon. The volume is low and the slide has been large. Do you think this cpomany has a marketable product, either to private investment or to the public? They are not diluting yet or their A/S would rocket up.

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    • You guys are unbelievable!!!. SPPH bought for $1.10 and they can buy for .02....Do you need anymore evidence if this is a scam or not? Anyone knows if you are obligated to buy any outstanding shares for $1.10 a share that the shares would never make it down to .02 cents. The bid would be way up there...follow me? If not call someone that knows related math.

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      • Do you think they will increase Authorized Shares and start diluting like our government? That is a sure sign of inflation and loss of capital. They aren't diluting are they? The whole deal seems strange because the share price should actually be lower if this is a total scam. When do you think this scam will start heavy dilution?

    • "I can not see the risk in buying now or soon."

      I'm surprised. Given that Spencer Pharma is a scam penny stock company set up by criminal recidivists for the express purpose of stealing private retail invstors' money and putting it into their own pockets, and given that that it is equally clear that they lied:

      about the prospects for Met4, including launching in the US, Canada and the EU in 2011

      about being a US-based company

      about having a Global presence

      about having an R&D partnership with France's INSA

      about finalising a buy-out by March 30 2011

      about gaining an uplisting to the OTC market in Q1 2011,

      this should give you a clue that none of their forward-looking lies will come to pass either.

      Even if they have hired an expert penny stock liar to set up a new shell called Hail First Pharma, and issue new and misleading PRs, the long run prognosis for SPPH is certainly oblivion.

      And it appears that there are enough folk who know what is going on to dampen even the short term pump, although it's clear that Arella, Amyot and Albi are determined to give it the old college try at least one more time.

      Incidentally, among the host of evidence that SPPH is a scam, here's a website that shows which other scam companies SPPH shares a website host with:

      Note the presence of IAB Media, as well as scam AURC and several others. There's a whole host of interesting DD arising from that site alone.

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      • Excellent post.

        These scammers can no longer say we're trying to drive the stock lower so we can buy it. At 2 cents a share, we can buy all we want.

        But we're not. Because this stock is a total scam. It will go EVEN LOWER, eventually to zero.

        Anyone stupid enough to invest in this stock should think ---- why would some bogus company called "Al-Dora" pay $1.05 a share when they could be buying shares now for 2 cents? SPPH now has a market cap of less than $6 million. Why would anyone be stupid enough to pay $245 million for the same company?

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