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  • traderkwa traderkwa May 23, 2011 10:13 PM Flag

    Don't feed into these guys!

    Ef and buddys, If you aren't a supporter, please leave the message board. We know you are trying to help the share holders but, you can't due to the fact that most of the share holders are long and holding. I watch you all comment almost everyday with the BS/facts. It's exhausting and un-needed. I would like to come to the board and talk facts not BS. Please goto some other board the do the negative thing. the shareholders know the situation currently and most likely are willing to gamble. Please go away, you're killing your credibility. thanks!

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    • I am not sure what you are talking about. I work every day in construction. I have a good job and it pays the bills.

      I do not understand what Kentucky boy is. Did something happen to you with a boy from Kentucky that you are dealing with?

      Are you doing OK with the 45K in shares? I thought that you had 50K from the post you last sent me about your position.

      How is it that you can not post the corporate owners share positions as of the last financials update? They are right there at $0 like they always have been. It was not a trick question. I thought you could answer the question and you did not. Do you do any due diligence investment research on this stock? I do little but I was just curious so I ask you.

    • no backdoor basher.....oh excuse me...Mr multiple id wonder boy from kentucky...I don't short the rips.... i have 45K shares of spph stock... I work for a living....try it might give social services a break.

    • I can appreciate that comment. You really do not have any more light then I do on the company. This is so far from investing in a reporting pink share or fully listed stock that you are really playing roulette with your money.

      With that in mind then you short the rips and buy the dips right Sugar_?

    • I thought more about your comment above and after a week I do find it an interesting thought. Since none of the shareholders that we know of have shares that were tendered, including sugersweets, then who was tendered at all for the retail shareholder? It is not like sugersweets own many (any) shares at all at tender, after all I think the it was posted that sugar owned 15K shares. That post was to me.

      Now that could be a lot to Sugar and that is cool. I am poor too. What is curious though is if Sugarsweets got mad and now is shortin to recover his loss? It is the right side of the trade to be so he has a good angle.

      Anyways, just some thoughts. No one knows if the CEO has skin in it or any of the company folks.

    • I just made a gamble here...seemed too good to be true....IF you know who has shares or not...then WHY ask me??? ALL I know is that a company can't put out all these pr's and it all be a lie...WE will HAVE to get some appreciative bump in share price...or else someone's in a lot of trouble...imho

    • Do you think this is another opportunity to short or should those taking that position wait for another 20-30% rise? There is no news today for the increase in share price and the volume was low.

      Thoughts? The rise is suspicious and therefor I do question it. I am not adding to my sliver position nor shorting.

      I am really happy to have my placeholder on this because this is a really fun chat page.

    • hey sug...some of that 55% your shares?....were you ever given a choice to tender..and as a spph shareholder, did you ever receive the $500k deposit confirmation by mail as pr stated? i love you day you're here, the next you're day you're a long, the next you're accused of shorting..Beautiful SUG!! ..almost hit subpenny yesterday....012....any news on frankfurt, been 3 weeks! :)

    • Do not post the PR link. Post the link to SEC proof of the tender. Need some credible links.

    • An aggregate of over 55% of the shares have been tendered so far from spph to hail...I beleive this was the last statement coming from the last pr in late March...NOW 2 months ago....T minus 30 days for the next pr...sooner or later...your guess is as good as mine...

    • You seem to be in the know on this company. Based on what the CEO said then he must own shares. Based on that assumptin how many shares did the CEO accumulate, excluding options or performance awards, with his own money at say around $1.00 90 days before and after this statement? Also, drum up how many shares he dumped 60 days into and out of this statement. It is one thing to say that your company is worth an amount and it is another to acquire shares. I am willing to bet that he has $0 acquisition of shares anywhere north of $1 in the last year. If I am wrong then he has created a terrible disaster and is suffering the same investment diasaster as all of the other shareholders who are long.

      Just find out how many shares he has acquired in the last year and we will then see who has credibility as well as integrity.

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