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  • dbdiemer Jun 23, 2011 1:10 AM Flag

    so my question is

    Do we get a percentage of these quarterly payments or do we have to wait 5 years before the buy-out is completed?

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    • You have to wait forever. Until the offer is seriously considered there is nothing. Do not worry about the details of something that does not exist. The terms will inevitably change if negotiations proceed. You are wasting your time working the numbers right now. A company that does not exist and does not yet trade is offering shares. You are wasting valuable brain power.

    • Negotiations are still ongoing as we speak between HFP and SPPH as we speak..

      Just few hours until the deadline , let's see whats next ..

      PS: Bashers, please dont comment on this post as if i have anything to do with the deal , this is the information that i managed to get in the past few hours .

    • dbdiemer Jun 24, 2011 12:36 PM Flag

      I told him that, a voice from the shareholders

    • first of all the $1.1 + royalties (or Bonus) will not be paid to any shareholder until the end of 5 years.

      Now , regarding the quarterly payments ( 4ooK cash + 3,450,000 shares)
      shareholders will get $400,000 every quarter guaranteed.
      Now for the $ 3,350,000 worth of Hail shares are only available to shareholder IF Hail share price trades at or above 8 Euros !! otherwise this shall be payable at an accumulative value at the end of 5 years

      I am not that excited about this revised offer , since it is now a marriage proposal - stuck with Hail through ups and downs of trading on Frankfurt Borse for the next 5 years (and anything can happen during this time : good or bad stuff).

      I think Spencer should ask Hail for another revision of this offer with a immediate cash payout percentage (50-70 %). Or wait for another deal... !! :)


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