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  • monther1969 monther1969 Jul 1, 2011 6:08 PM Flag

    Just Enjoy the 4th of July weekend :)

    ! A happy 4th of july independence day !

    To all U.S. posters on this MB :)

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    • dbdiemer Jul 1, 2011 7:52 PM Flag

      thank you, I e-mailed Hail to see what they are planning on's funny the deal tanked and the stock price went up, not much but still what does that say?...happy 4th from across the oceans

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      • He ain't celebrating the 4th he is an Arab! He and his cohort Obama are not Americans! SPPH isn't American either. Actualy SPPH is Norte American but they are not the USA! You have a great 4the DB from one born US patriot to another Citizen.

        I am going to do some "tests" of my engineering skills in pirotechnics this weekend all under my huge STARS AND STRIPES. We are at our beach house in Seaside, OR now. I am going to shake the hand of every servicman and servicewomen that I meet. Young and old service people. I am going to have them at my home if they will join me. I am going to let them be the leed and I am going to let them talk story as long as they want to.

        We are going to have a constitution reading on Monday. We are going to get what the USA is about. Then we will really fight. We have to edjucate and start to fight in this country. Our service people fight for our rights and freedoms. It is time that we do to. Do it for that man or woman who comes home after putting their life on the line for you. They should come home to something they are proud of.

        Get responsible, sacrifice and get real! This country the USA is better. Make it happen. For the men and women who volunteer their life....make it happen!

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