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  • jameskrakom jameskrakom Jul 4, 2011 2:29 PM Flag

    The Man in the mirror

    Hail First Pharma's sole Director is one Jean François Amyot:

    Spencer Pharmaceutical's sole Director is one Jean François Amyot:

    And for good measure two other parties, Hilbroy Advisory and IAB (ItsAllBull) Media, in this criminal conspiracy to defraud the private retail investor are also ciontrolled by the very same Jean François Amyot:


    IAB Media Inc.

    Both these companies, like Hail First Pharma, operate out of the same address:

    1400 Begin
    St-Laurent QC H4R 1X1

    along with many other Amyot shells, all expressly constructed to defraud the investing public.

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    • Wow, it really looks to be falling apart. How cheap do you think the shares need to be before Amyot buys the shares from himself?

    • Hey James it looks like you have the "facts" in order. Have fun with the insiders as you claim. Maybe you could get the SEC up their wahoo as they claim they are coming up the skeptic's. I am going to play golf at Pronghorn Resort this weekend in Bend Oregon. Three days of bliss. Check it out. I will check into the board none the less for humor's sake at least. Keep the truth torch high my man!

    • for the past few months , and not a single DD on the below info , may i ask why ?

      "Total Direct Holdings: 2,300,000 common shares

      H.E. Hussain Al-Awaid: 1,000,000
      H.E. Dr. Manee Saeed Al-Otaiba: 300,000
      H.E. Abdul Rahman Al-Mutaiwee: 100,000
      H.E. Ahmad Al-Mutaiwee: 100,000
      H.E. Adel Al-Hosani: 300,000
      H.E. Khalifa Al-Zaffin: 100,000
      H.E. Mefreh Al-Shammary: 100,000
      Mr. Mohamed Abdalla Juma Al Sari: 50,000
      Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Bin Butti Al-Hamed: 100,000
      Al Mal Capital PSC: 50,000
      Union Insurance Company PSC: 50,000
      Gulf General Insurance Company PSC: 50,000

      The investment manager for Gulf General Insurance, Union Insurance, Al Mal
      Capital, and Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Bin Butti Al Hamed is H.E. Adel
      Al-Hosani and can be reached at +9712-6662800."

    • HOld on a sec ... i thought that i was already on your ignore list !!!

      Want me to post what you said a few days back !?! another lie , is it !? :)

    • Wow , Do you read English !?

      Another , " i think i know what i am talking about here " post ...

      With all what i have mentioned and dared both of you to do , you think that dr.math did a DD !!
      I Bet you both share the same unemployment check :)

    • Wow James, you must really be into it with one of the insiders on this thread. It does not look like anyone is posting sound links to refute your information. Post count is really up so you must have really hit the hornets nest.

      Keep this one on top. Nice job on the DD.

    • Also , with the huge number of Board members of Hail

      Didn't you bother on contacting any ONE of them !? never !!?
      I wonder why not , although i have posted contacts for many of them long time back !

      Why didn't you !? why don't you ?! or do you like posting only nonsense stuff that feed into your bogus "one man scam" theory !!! :)

      Anyone with Half a brain can see through you don't insult my pinky toe intelligence with your re-posts ! LOOOL

    • I said Email them to ask about Hail capital assets .
      But clearly from the Email below :
      "There have been some capital issues with the company, where the custodian bank , VEM, Munich, had some technical problems with.Obviously they were solved mid June"

      So a confirmation from one independent entity involved in the process that HAil has the Capital ASSETS ! So where is your scam theory Dr.Math ?!! please do the Math next time you post something.
      talk about putting your foot in your mouth !
      I guess the best thing you do is posting and re-posting a well rehearsed posts from your iHub account!

      in addition, Trading suspension has been requested as well by Hail , i already mentioned that around the PR time .

    • "I DARE you to Email SCHNIGGE , Venbank to ask them about the assets that HAIL has ! Go ahead , do the real DD !!"

      I have done. This is all they say:

      "Antwort: RE: Hail First Pharma CA98978A1093‏

      View detailsTo xxxxx,,<>
      Sent: Fri 7/01/11 4:56 AM
      To: notaliarfromtheMiddleEast(actuallyVancouver)unlikemonther1969@scamsnotasanonymousasyouhoped

      Dear Dr......

      although I´m not involved in the process I am pleased to explain the current status of the listing.
      There have been some capital issues with the company, where the custodian bank , VEM, Munich, had some technical problems with.
      Obviously they were solved mid June so we contacted the listing department of Deutsche Börse to tell us an official trading start date.
      Currently we´ve not yet received an answer from Deutsche Börse so we are not able to tell you a trading start.

      Kind regards

      Florian Weber

      SCHNIGGE Wertpapierhandelsbank AG
      Berliner Allee 10
      D-40212 Düsseldorf
      Tel: 0049 (0) 211 - 13 86 10
      Mobil: 0049 (0) 173 52 75 989
      Fax: 0049 (0) 211 - 13 86 144<><>

      Sitz: Düsseldorf (AG Düsseldorf - HRB 36608)
      Vorstand: Florian Weber (Vors.), Martin Liedtke
      Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender: Günther P. Skrzypek"

      I would be very interested to hear from any non-insider (I specify non-insider because monther1969 and joeton55 have already misrepresented both their status as insiders and the "progress" with this "buy-out" their posts wouldm be unreliable in the extreme) if they've heard anything more from Schigge or Venbank.

      Again, be honest - I bet none of you have.

      My own impression is that "hail first pharma" (aka JF Amyot), SPPH (aka JF Amyot) and their Advisors Hilbroy Advisory (aka JF Amyot) have gone very quiet just now through traceable channels and are confining their lies to MB such as this one. I suspect the Feds and RCMP are involved by now.

      And Schnigge have nothing of any value to add either, it would seem. Reading between the lines, I think they're just a little bit embarrassed by their Canadian client, Hail First Pharma, which has been suspended for the second time, and has never been quoted on XETRA in spite of all the promises by you and joeton55 (aka Robert Albi):

    • all these companies have hired the services of Hilbroy Advisory and are clients.

      So if you had the time to do real DD instead of your ususal googling , Hilbroy job is :
      •Go Public strategy,
      •Debt and or equity financing
      •Identify prospective investors
      •Hire investor relations firm
      •Cross listing decisions
      •Planning road-shows and promotional campaigns.

      SO SSPPH was/is their client , when approached by Aldoraa , they obviously referred them for Hail public listing process.Aldorra agreed to that .
      Zoloto Ventures was a client of Hilbroy already , making the reverse merger option on Frankfurt a simpler option for Hail owners.

      Now , if you want to assume the Hilbroy since inception in 2000 is a scam , run by a mobster ( JF Amyot is a well known personality in the Canadian National Hockey League) , who makes up Aldorra (which is a KUWAITI private Holding Group), and invents the names of Hail first pharma owners (the list of Board member names are some of the well known names in the gulf - something that you and your racist "sensless"
      wouldnt know ANYTHING about ! ) , then yeas , you've never lied "wanabe Dr. "

      Let alone the SEC , regulators in Canada , Germany and the U.S. still none of them has any of your obvious leads to arrest or even shut any company down !
      I DARE you to Email SCHNIGGE , Venbank to ask them about the assets that HAIL has ! Go ahead , do the real DD !!
      if JF Amyot can come up with hundreds of millions in capital for HAIL listing, just in order to scam you and your pals for a few pennies , then i guess that would be the dumbest scam in history !!

      Just give us all a BREAK , Dr."i have a post graduate degree in Math" !!
      MAth my A$$$$ ... LOOL

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