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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Aug 16, 2011 11:08 PM Flag

    This volume is bunk!

    There just isn't anything going on at all with this rabbit named Spencer. Can't even get puled out of a hat for a trick!

    What ever happened to that Arab who was supposed to be with Hail First Nothing visiting SPPH? He was going on some kind of North American tour like he was freaking Bono and U2. It seams kinda weird that there is no stock movement. There are no updates from the company except for the ones that are made up here on the MB. There are no PR announcements or anything. It must have not happened. After all there is no documentation of any of it for public analysis beyond a post or two on this MB.

    There has even been talk that the great Canuck is going to the land of Raiders Of The Lost Ark to visit with the desert King about untold riches to be invested in the future of health through snake oils. They make that stuff up in the Great White North you know.

    I do not know where people come up with this stuff but, like I said before, it should be a movie. Oscars would be flying!

    Think about the posts since the June SPPH wipe out by the folks on this MB that wrote the script for SPPH today. They fit right in with above. FICTION.

    Anyways, I am thinking that someone paid a thousand times future earnings in 2020 for their stock today. Of course, you are not going to find the ARK without taking on a little risk you know. Put the risk ON baby.

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    • Oh Man! I wonder how that rookie feels that put in the buy at $.01 and ended up with $.014 stock! These guys have to learn to use limit orders! Monday, I am afraid, this poor guy is going to see 40% of his equity disapear unless the MM doesn't want to move any stock. There are plenty of bids under $.01. The company aught to dilute into it and take the money. Looks like both sides are stupid. Great stuff. I better pull my $.0002 bid or else it might get filled by some open sell! Ouch!

    • Now today's trading really validates the thesus of the original post! Top of the page for dumb comments.

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