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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Oct 7, 2011 9:13 PM Flag

    No approved, marketable product

    Oh man how misery enjoys company in this stock! It opens at the $.007, give or take a few ten thousands, and shoots to a penny. Then it gets taken back to $.0071, then back up to a penny only to get taken back down to $.0071! Who is buying this thing for over a 40% premium?!? Quit placing open orders for gods sake. There is no reason to buy the ask. Wait for it to come in. Wait!

    It seems like there are more than enough shares to sell for a loss to wipe out any $.01 position. That smells like dilution. Let it come up and then sell a little. Do it again and again. The only way you can get below the bid is to go below the diluter on the ask. You are not going to win that game unless you can see the buyer, beat the ask and get the deal. You would have to have a direct line to the desk (algorithmic trading and an office next door to the Street). I think we are fighting inside selling or dilution, which is inside selling by the whole company in reality.

    If you are out there, today's $.01 a share buyer, tell me how it feels to be looking at a mountain to climb to get your money back at the top of that mountain. This thing is nuts but there are better bids out there according to SPPH. I do not think that any of us can sell a share at $.01 a share. The ask was something like 290,000 shares. Those shares are ahead of us if we ask $.01. The volume right now could take a few days to buyout the seller before our number came up. Then would the shares sell for a penny? I see $.005 next week....thoughts?

    Hey, did that HFN (Hail First Nothing) ever get off the ground to trade? That was a joke I think.

    Have a great weekend.

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