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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Oct 19, 2011 9:24 PM Flag

    No approved, marketable product

    You have misinterpreted all of the posts. I have a placeholder to keep the ticker on my screen. The purchase price is $.023. I still hold those shares. What I am saying is the stock is way overvalued based on all the information now available. They failed with HFN which was in play when I acquired my placeholder. The stock is probably fairly valued at $.0003 or so. I have also posted this previously as a target buy price. This is conditional as well. If it gets there like a falling knife then we will watch it die and I will not be buying of course. You know that right now and going forward for some time this stock is not worth a penny. There are over $500K shares available on the ask today. Since we also do not know how many shares are authorized, due to lack of reporting by the company, I have to believe there is dilution occuring. What doesn't make sense to you Joe?

    My posts are observations to discuss. They are not observations that are meant to draw a conclusion on to my investment positioning in the stock.

    I will frequently post my observations and speculations about this stock whether it is up or down. It is the readers choice to buy the thing or not. I don't invest from MB posts.

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