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  • wheelbarrowme wheelbarrowme Jun 8, 2010 12:41 AM Flag

    Didn't Norilisk Loss a Lot of $ on SWC?

    Swc has been a losing investment for Norilisk, not surprised they want out of SWC.
    Norilisk can't dump palladium without shooting themselves in the foot on SWC.

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    • I have a suspicion they might have faired a little better than most think by unloading quite a few shares at the highs to "delerious" investors at the top of the most recent bubble.

      Just for the record, there has still been no mention of SWC sale by Norilsk in Platts Metals News even after Reuters re-ran the article a second time.

      Just sittin' an fishin'.......

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      • They paid like $6/share and like 2 mil oz's of palladium for their 50% when the stock was like $3 and ready to go BK. So they are still up but palladium was like $150 at the time. They wont make a direct market sale, not if they want to get a good price.. GG sold SLW at around $15 when the shares were at $14. SWC is a lot cheaper than SLW or most other miners for the reserves they have. Sooner or later this will stop, its been going on ever since the ETF's came out with people buying the ETF and shorting the miners. But you cant buy reserves for these prices. Unlike the time when NN bought SWC, things are not that dire with SWC having over 200 mil cash and reserves at like $30/oz. Any buyer would be lucky to find a mine at $300. People selling due to margin calls and the economic problems so companies have a hard time with leverage buying. But in 5 years things might look different. 2008 certainly distorted asset values but I think even before then with the promises of easy and free money using CDO's and SDO and CRAP's people were dumping valuable assets to run after their dream and lost a lot of money in the process. If companies like yahoo can trade for $200/share which had assets worth under $1 then that was equalised, so will assets trading for 10% of what they are worth.

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