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  • market_logic2010 market_logic2010 Oct 20, 2010 12:42 PM Flag

    Whatever happened to cadmium tellurium?

    He used to post every hour. Still there?

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    • There is a village in China that is missing it's idiot......

    • What a pompous A$$.
      Why would anyone pay you for such horrible advice?
      The obvious point is that after boasting many times about buying EXM at $9 and $7, thinking that you would be able to brag about your gains later. You neglected to mention selling it for a loss.
      And being such a boaster of great trades you forgot to mention buying it in July. You aren't obligated to inform us, your Ego forces you to.
      So the fact that you didn't post it, makes it impossible to believe that you bought it at the lows.
      It's more likely that you were hoping people would forget about that failure.
      You are a fraud. You've made no money in dry bulk. And everything you said about the sector has been proven to be a lie.
      You weren't early, just plain wrong.
      It is absolutely stunning that no matter how many times you have been proven to know nothing about any of these subjects, you continue to spew such a prolific amount of BS.

    • It's not hindsight. Any smart investor would have saw that those were good buying points.

      I have no duty to promptly report to you every trade I conduct, unless you pay me a monthly subscription fee. But I did bought in early July:

      07/01/2010 15:47:10 Bought 2000 EXM @ 5
      07/01/2010 15:55:27 Bought 4000 EXM @ 5
      09/07/2010 12:42:19 Bought 2000 EXM @ 5.17
      09/07/2010 14:24:46 Bought 4000 EXM @ 5.19

    • You mean cadmium stupidium? I heard he blew his nose and his last few brain cells came out and he died. Oh well, our wrong-way moron is gone. Alas, poor stupidium, we knew him well!

    • They barred me and erased all my old posts because I keep posting spam links to my blog.

    • He is more quirt now because....

      He lost all his money...SEVERAL times buying/holding SWC and PAL on MARGIN during the peak of the commodity bubble in 2007/2008 and riding them down to a tiny, 10% fraction of their highs during the subsequent collapse.

      All while claiming he made 1400% doing so!, lol.

      Of course he also;

      - Lost 40% on EXM the very DAY after he bought it, and made it his 'second biggest' hold, just before the announced a massively dilutionary deondary.

      - Lost huge on UNG by buying it just before it collapsed.

      - Advocated shorting Apple at 90, just before it quadrupled in subsequent months.

      - Shorted BP at the very worst time of the spill crisis, like all such 'later to the party' sheep, just before it moved way up.

      - Advocated for Apex silver shares just before it became worthless in BK.

      - Told PAL investors to all switch to SWC permanmently, just before he told all SWC investors to switch to PAL...which was before he told all PAL investors to switch to SWC, which was around the time he told PAL investors that the mine should 'not' be reopened, LOL

      - Told us all that auto sales were UP all through 2008 early 2009.

      - Told everyone here that SWC would skyrocket during SA "World Cup" as the mine power would DEFINITLEY fail, and SWC would go up huge as a result...guarantted it, LOL!

      Of course, this all just scratches the surface of the literally THOUSANDS of times he has humiliated himself here.

      All wrong...all the time.

      Worst investor, worst 'analysis' most shallow and vacuous approach to 'research', worst timing, and worst investment track record of anyone I have ever seen.

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      • Pure Nonsense!

        I have NOT lost anything on UNG. I sold everything in UNG as of Oct. 26, 2009 and never touched it again. Judge by yourself if I suffered a loss or not, or actually made some small profit:

        10/02/2009 08:00:22 Bought 3000 UNG @ 10.9 -32,709.99 ---
        10/06/2009 13:04:03 Bought 400 UNG @ 11.95 -4,789.99 ---
        10/07/2009 12:52:44 Bought 1000 UNG @ 11.949 -11,958.99 ---
        10/07/2009 13:16:57 Bought 400 UNG @ 11.85 -4,749.99 ---
        10/09/2009 13:21:54 Bought 600 UNG @ 11.819 -7,101.39 ---
        10/14/2009 08:00:01 Bought 135 UNG @ 11.21 -1,523.34 ---
        10/16/2009 16:08:54 Sold 735 UNG @ 11.59 8,508.44 ---
        10/20/2009 12:43:18 Sold 1000 UNG @ 12.021 12,010.70 ---
        10/20/2009 13:00:06 Sold 1000 UNG @ 12.01 11,999.70 ---
        10/21/2009 15:19:29 Bought 500 UNG @ 11.78 -5,899.99 ---
        10/26/2009 16:11:00 Sold 5500 UNG @ 10.77 59,223.48 ---

        I fugured out that UNG was fundamentally wrong in its investment thesis, as early as late October, 2009 therefore I sold everything in UNG at that time. LONG before its spiral down to current level.

    • There's a dude called cadmium telluride. Is this the same person as cadmium tellurium? I'm confused by all these names. Cadmium used to have some usful links and information.

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      • All his thousands of posts as 'tellurium-001, tellurium-002, tellurium-003, tellurium-004' et all were deleted by Yahoo for constant SPAM violations to his own worthless blog used toilet paper writings under his phony pen name 'mark anthony'.

        He just makes up dozens of new handles as old ones are yanked by Yahoo, and/or he wanst to cover his tracks for all his terrible bad calls from the past that always worked out badly.

      • I am still around. I just don't bother to keep posting any more. It's just impossible to educate the fool. Smart people only needs to hear me once.

        I am still holding more than 65% of my portfolio in SWC, the rest in PAL, coal mining stocks PCX, ACI, silver stocks SSRI, CDE. etc.

        There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that SWC can reach $100 a share and it can reach that target within 3 years from today. It should not even take that long for people to realize there is a global palladium shortage and there should be a panic buying soon.

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