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  • shenjee shenjee Nov 12, 2010 1:54 PM Flag


    both yours and my posts are rated 1 star thus disappeared on the board. I rated your post 5 stars and it still didn't appear on the board. Why?

    Come on, this is the trick they play, we must be united to fight back.

    They already smeared us as being the same person, so what are you afraid of?

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    • "..They already smeared us as being the same person.."

      Yes, that a big smear all right, no matter which one of us they call the same!

      Sorry, I am having macaroni and cheese dinner tonight, celebrate my 400% loss in 2008 and my $100,000 loss today. Not feel very good, but I give you 3 star,ok?

      I buy big position in PCX, talk about all yesterday, now it off even more than SWC and metals. Off 7% one day, like everytime I say anything good about stock i am trying to make everyone buy.

      Maybe my other handle go away from my many spam link yesterday, many I did, which yahoo remove all the post, u notice?

      Why EXM drop 40% day after I buy?
      Why DRYS drop 20% day after I make big buy?
      Why UNG drop liek a stone, day after I buy and never recover?
      Why when I short BP, it skyrocket up, even thougyh I tell everyone that board, leak will never be plugged ever ever?
      Why South Africa power not go out in World Cup make mine shutdown when i do 897 post here telling everyone it guarantee'd to happen?
      Why they drop me on my head at birth?
      Why you 'Steam' of un consciousness?

      Maybe I tell everyone I make 1800% today in down market, all my invest, they believe me, I fell better?

      I go have bad weekend now, lick my many wound.

    • and I mean it, you 5 cent party shorts... if need be I will register another handle..

      The more you do these nasty thing, the more I will fight you...

      You better off just leave me be...this way I'll go away when I made enough dough, and then you can short the heck out of this stock...


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