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  • bohica_bob_the_bubble_buster bohica_bob_the_bubble_buster Jan 13, 2012 9:58 AM Flag

    Bail while the bailing is good, Bubbleonians

    This is going to be 2008 redux. SWC crashed from $22 to under $3 in a matter of weeks.

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    • basher trasher

    • No totally different environment.

      # 1.) SWC has been performing very well.

      # 2.) The auto market, particularly in the U.S. is very ROBUST and record sales of 13 mil are expected this year. PLUS Japan is gearing up big time to recover from their Toyota acceleration and weather disasters.

      # 3.) About 10% of cars and trucks on the road are over 10 years old and will have to be replaced soon. Remember SWC is the only major platinuim/palladium recycler in the U.S. This is a HUGE PROFIT/CASH FLOW CENTER for them.

      # 4.) SWC is actually priced low. Most analysts peg that it should be worth $15 per share.

      # 5.) The South African power situation and the platinum mines there. It is their summer their and so far it has been mild. Remember platinum REQUIRES HUGE AMOUNTS OF ELECTRICITY. South Africa generally has cheap power (coal, hyrod) but a very poor distribution grid. The backup local mine power plants are basically to keep the pumps and other critical machinery operations rather than any large scale production. And they are extremely costly to run. Contrary to what Kitco put out yesterday that they will cut civilian power distribution first over the mines; I don't buy this for an instant. Mining can always be resumed in a few days or weeks. Cut power to civilian areas, particularly in unstable Africa, and you will have riots and mass property damage. Even in the U.S. the priorities are always to civilian areas first. (I used to work for a major power company here).

      # 6.) WAR. All we need are those goofy Iranians to actually sink a freighter in that area. Then everything will go bonkers. And remember again, South Africa is a lot closer to Iran than good SWC safe in the heartland of the good ole USA!

      # 7.) World suplies of platinum have fallen to basically a year's reserve ... even as demand stays somewhat flat. Not much of a margin!

    • Hey Bob! Where have you been while SWC has been moving up 15%? My price target is still for $9.50 but the chart is extremely bullish... I'm a little worried I won't be able to buy that low...

9.40+0.22(+2.40%)Nov 24 4:03 PMEST