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  • pacenet_2000 pacenet_2000 Jun 7, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    FRANK IS GONE!!!! He will be tangoing now full time!

    Can this be true? The beloved "Frank The Frivolous" is now gone????

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • 'bout time.

    • Great news!! I never thought I would see this day. Frank destroyed 2/3rds of the shareholders' investment while collecting over $30 million for himself. But at least he finally retired. He'll be remembered as the arrogant idiot. Arrogant because he didn't care that shareholders wanted SWC to remain a North American PGM pure play, by golly he was going to get SWC into copper - after all, he was a former copper guy. Idiotic because no one in their right mind pays 4x the market price for remote, low-grade copper-dirt in a socialist South American country, and puts the company on the hook to spend another $2 billion just to develop it (at which point it would probably be nationalized).

      I wonder if Frank ever realized what a big screw-up he was? I wonder why the board of idiots kept supporting that clown, even to the point of awarding him free shares - beyond their own stated limits of excessive pay? Well the good news is that Frank is indeed gone. Cue the music - Celebrate good times, come on!!

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      • I wonder if Pamela "Baywatch" Anderson will be at Frank's retirement party? She should be, with all Frank has done for her. Frank should wear a clown suit to his party, and the shareholders he essentially robbed should be allowed to throw balls to drop him in a dunk tank. Hopefully someone at SWC will take Letxequalx's advice, and put up a picture of Frank, framed by a toilet seat. To remind everyone who actually put the company into the toilet.

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